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ABT updates its performance package for the Audi TT RS

By Rigval on 07 Sep 2010

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Audi and Volkswagen tuner ABT have upgraded their performance package for the Audi TT RS, enabling it to achieve near supercar levels of performance in terms of outright power. The previous iteration of the ABT TT RS developed 420bhp. Up from the standard 340bhp. Now, it packs 501bhp. Enough to make even a Porsche 911 Carrera feel like a Volkswagen Beetle.

According to ABT, the TT RS allows the owner of such a car to experience “maximum motorspot feeling with maximum everyday usability”. This means that it is still tractable for city driving, even though the little Audi coupe now has a newly developed turbocharger added with the ECU, air filter and exhaust tweaks to the earlier iteration of ABT's TT RS.

But one could assume that this means a fully ball bearing, twin scroll, variable vane turbocharger that is slightly larger than the original tiny turbocharger. Whatever size the turbocharger is, it allows the ABT TT RS to hit 100km//h from a standstill in only 4.0 seconds and hit a top speed of 292km/h. Which is pretty ballistic compared to the stock 4.6seconds and 280km/h respectively. Very supercar-like indeed and only from a 2.5liter 5cylinder TFSI turbocharged engine.

ABT have kept the exterior modification limited to their BR and CR alloy rim designs in standard 20inches and 'superlight' alloy rims in a smaller 19inches. Those out there who want outright performance better note this fact; going large does not mean its better. These lightweight rims ensure that you do not have too much rolling inertia and unsprung weight that is actually detrimental to performance.

Other details in the ABT TT RS should be similar to the standard (if it still can be called that) TT RS that Audi makes. This means it has the Quattro all wheel drive system running through a 6 speed manual gearbox, uprated 4pot front brake calipers running 370mm cross drilled ventilated discs in front as well as a suspension that is 10mm lower than the usual bread and butter TT models (with the Audi Magnetic Ride shocks as an option) making the TT RS quite a car in its standard form.

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