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Of Dreams and Cars

By Blogger on 14 Sep 2010

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Ever so often, I spot a head-turner along our business or shopping districts and I stare lustfully admiringly as it zooms off, leaving me wondering about the day when I can lay my hands on a beauty just like her. And other times, I spot owners of magnificent machines pottering along at a snail's pace on a B road where I would have let her rip and I can only wonder if I would be a more deserving owner/driver.

Sigh. It is tough being a car nut with the bank account of a church mouse.

So, on days when the boss is droning on and on, I tend to let my mind wander and think about what would be in my garage if I ever struck it rich enough. And after countless internal debates and struggles, I have assembled my "dream team" of the 3 cars (currently on sale) that I would have in garage. At risk of extreme ridicule from you guys, here it is:

1) Maserati Granturismo S

With its hot screaming Italian supermodel looks, picking this baby is a no-brainer. This is my idea of car pornography and pretty much takes the cake when it comes to car design. This car turns heads as well as (if not better) than super cars that are twice its price. And have you heard the exhaust note? The closet attention whore in me says that this absolutely has to be the centerpiece in my dream garage. Nuff said.

2) Mitsubishi Evo X

No, I am not kidding you with this entry. I think that no garage would be complete without a JDM monster and my pick is the Evo X. The Evo X provides a vastly different form of driving experience from the Maser. It would function as a road legal track machine for weekends spent at the track. And with the large number of after-market parts and support from Japanese tuners for the Evo X, this would be a car that I can totally modify and customize to my heart's desire (or LTA's legal limit). And deep down, I am just a Singapore beng. Techno and blue lights anyone?

3) BMW 335i Convertible

My dream garage is complemented by a BMW 335i as the more practical daily driver. With terror car parks being par for course these days, it would be absurd to consider driving the Maser or the heavily modified Evo out to work. And on occasion, I would probably need to ferry passengers around in greater comfort than the Evo can offer. So the final entry has to plug this gap of practicality. But at the same time, it would still need to be a classy and good looking ride that I would enjoy looking at. The 335i checks all the above boxes; plus it has enough brute force to see off ricer boys and crazed taxi uncles. Perfect.

What would be your 3 picks for your dream garage?

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Written by Blogger
Not only do their passion for cars burn pavements, their thoughts and ideas on cars are as fast as the word go.

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Prostcode Sep 14 2010 01:21 PM
1) Murcie
2) GTR
3) FD2R
Limxiaoming Sep 14 2010 04:26 PM
1) Maserati Granturismo S

2) Nissan GTR

3) Rolls Royce Phantom (Or Merc S600 if phantom is too expensive)
Shox87 Sep 14 2010 06:16 PM
1)maserati grancabrio

2)porsche cayenne turbo

3)nissan GTR
Tansrb Sep 15 2010 05:17 AM
1) Aston Martin DBS - for the head turner
2) Lotus Evora - for the driving experience
3) Maserati Quattroporte - for driving in comfort
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