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Mansory tunes its first Maserati

By Rigval on 14 Sep 2010

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The always outrageous and over the top tuners Mansory have now turned their attention towards Maserati. After their really garish Porsche Panamera in Cobalt Blue and some Canary Yellow inserts, and their quite subtle interpretation of Rolls Royceís Ghost, theyíve now decided that it is time for them to show Maserati how itís done when it comes to styling and tuning a car. Poor Maserati.

So for their first reworking of a Maserati, Mansory have reworked the ECU, threw in a sports air filter and a sports exhaust system. This small upgrade frees up another 30 or so bhp bringing the power output to 464bhp. Torque has been improved by 40Nm bringing it up to 460Nm for the normal GranTurismo and 490Nm for the GranTurismo S.

For the handling, Mansory have put in lowering springs which are progressive in nature. These lower the car by around 30mm allowing a lower center of gravity but more importantly (since this is in fact a Mansory) the GranTurismo looks better sitting lower to the ground and making those 20inch wheels sit snugly under the wheel arches.

Since this is a Mansory, looks are everything. Mansory must believe in the shock and awe tactics used by the Americans during the first Iraqi conflict in the 1990s as the Maserati now comes with a redesigned front bumper with a lower lip spoiler and LED driving lights, matt black radiator trim surround, bonnet with an air scoop, side skirts, bootlid spoiler and rear bumper diffuser inlay with integrated exhaust pipes. All of the parts stated above are carbon fiber, and those parts that are painted, are painted in a very deep shocking orange.

In order to fascinate people even more, Mansory have tricked out the Maseratiís interior with more orange. Orange quilted leather with black trimmings to be precise.

I think Mansory have absolutely got this Maserati wrong. It is no longer something jaw droppingly elegant as it is jaw droppingly garish instead. While this car isnít as hopping mad as the Porsche Panamera they did earlier, it still is a bit over the top, like itís meant for an Arab zillionaire or a Russian billionaire to cruise the streets of London instead of attacking the Nurburgring or Genting Highlands on a cool Sunday morning.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Genes Sep 14 2010 10:16 PM
Wow... daytime LEDs nicked from a citroen DS3!
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