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The CTE nightmare

By CheeJun on 23 Sep 2010

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If you have read the papers a few weeks ago, you'd know that there was a massive jam on the Central Expressway and that it was caused by a major accident between a motorcyclist and 2 lorries resulting in the biker being killed. Now I'm not just talking about accidents on the CTE, it just happened by coincidence that such a tragic accident occurred a few days ago from when I'm writing this article, but I must say that the expressway is utterly terrible.

I was caught in that jam on that fateful day. All I knew was that lanes 1,2 and 3 were completely shut and that only one lane was open for use. And from the papers it says that traffic didn't normalise till around 6 which is roughly 3 hours from when the accident occurred. But when does traffic REALLY normalise on the CTE? you go out on a Saturday morning and it's jammed before the Braddell exit. You head towards the SLE in the afternoon and it's jammed before the PIE exit. You can even try going back towards the SLE at 11 at night and it's jammed. So how can this expressway even be called an expressway in the first place when it's like driving through a slab of butter.

Well, there has been a lot of effort to attempt to ease the congestion, but the simple fact of the matter is, it's not working. Yes you can add ERP gantries to suck our cashcards dry of credit and we are still crawling along at snail's pace. You can widen the road to 5 lanes, that shows some improvement in the flow of traffic but give it a few weeks, it's congested as usual.

The main problem in my opinion is that the exits and entrances into the expressway are too close together which causes the bulk of the bottle necks and jams. Hopefully, the new lane markings and allocations will allow traffic to flow at a steadier pace and that all our taxpayers money will be put to good use!

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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Watwheels Sep 23 2010 06:15 PM
"The main problem in my opinion is that the exits and entrances into the expressway are too close together which causes the bulk of the bottle necks and jams."

If you spread the exits & entrance far apart, you seriously think the bottle necks & jams will be reduced? This is like no difference from thew ERP game, just reshuffling the jams & bottle necks from place to place.

Jiayong Sep 23 2010 07:03 PM
It will be reduced. Because cars exiting and cars entering the expressway are criss crossing each others lane. The other way is to have exits BEFORE entrances.

NSH. 3 Lanes only. quite clear for most of the time. Everyone is courteous and gives way to faster cars.
Arowana1 Sep 23 2010 09:16 PM
try sle towards tpe in the morning when im there around 645-715 timing. there are always road-hoggers at 90kmph on lane 1 starting from woodlands ave 2 right up to after thomson flyover where at least the sle branches into 5 lanes (including one for yio chu kang exit). dats when fast cars can overtake from lane 4. wat a joke.

in addition, lots of cars filtering into sle from woodlands ave 2 and straight away head into lane 2, going at 50-60kmph. there are even idiots coming into lane 1 at dat speed and yeah, same idiots who then hog the lanes as mentioned above. fckers never move. when i come up behind them, i put my right signal. wait a while, then i high beam. wait a while, then i tail-gate. wait a while, then i horn. finally, i do all of them and still no one give way. geez wtf are the tp when u need them? too early for them?

lots of lorries and vans on lane 2.
Heartbreakid Sep 23 2010 10:55 PM
The best connections and I think the best only should be the one where KJE joins PIE. That is the only connection that doesn't create bottleneck traffic like other expressways in Singapore. To me, ERP is a failure and is implemented by someone who doesn't know Maths, because cars are just like flow of water, no matter how you block, the water will divert the other way to continue its flow and the volume within the same space is still the same. ERP is only good in filling up $$$ and nothing else.
Happily1986 Sep 24 2010 09:38 PM
like what heartbreakkid mentioned, the person who thought that ERP will solve traffic jams obviously has no idea what traffic engineering is about. i bet he or she doesn't even have a clue with regards to fluid mechanics. Look at the major interchanges between the expressways.

They are a joke. Seriously, if you expect a 3 lane-(merging to)2 lane- (merging to)1 lane road e.g. PIE> CTE(SLE) @TPY to serve as an arterial road linking two major expressways and expect that it will suffice, i think we might have better prospects watching pigs fly at Mach 2.

In a nutshell, you can widen the expressways to 10 lanes and still the jam will occur. Simply because the traffic bandwidth is only as wide as the section with the lowest traffic throughput.
Zniper Sep 25 2010 12:03 AM
do u tink tat those scholars and high paid ppl up there will even take a look at wat ppl down here are tinking???
Elan Oct 07 2010 12:36 PM
I thought 90kmph is the limit and how can that be hogging? I fail to understand here..
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