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After a Rolls Royce Ghost, Fenice Milano 'Blings' a tiny Fiat

By Rigval on 26 Oct 2010

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Hot on the heels of its Rolls Royce Ghost Diva edition, Italian custom car ‘artisans’ Fenice Milano have turned their attention to something cuter and much smaller but the end result is as extravagant as before. The ‘La Dolce Vita’ is the name Fenice Milano has given its custom variant of the Fiat 500C and it epitomizes Italian luxury to the fullest, albeit in a small little package.

Fenice Milano have added more than a dollop of luxury to the Fiat Convertible. The base 500C utilized by them is the 1.4liter petrol 101hp automatic version and upon which, embellishments of 24k gold trimming (for the exterior and interior – anything that is yellow and resembles gold on the car, IS 24k gold! Whether it is plated or solid gold isn’t explained however) and expensive teak wood trimming (for the interior – anything that resembles wood in this car is actual expensive teak!) are added throughout this tiny car.

The Sportiva variant of the La Dolce Vita 500C comes with a color called Chromium Deep Red. This color comes from an overlap of 10 different layers of paint lacquer. It is this overlap of lacquer and paint that gives the car a certain unique (and very expensive) hue.

And for those that cannot take too much ‘Bling’ or Over-the-Top-ness, the Classica version uses a White Golden Pearlescent paint-job. This color comes from a mix of white pearl paint with 24k gold flakes, which is still pretty expensive and exorbitant if you ask me.

Aside from the 24k and teak trimmings used inside the car, leather and alcantara are also liberally used for the seats, doors and dash. So far, only concept drawings have been released on the interior, which is a shame really. All in all, Fenice Milano makes the Fiat 500 become a super luxury mini car from an already premium small car. A good overdose of luxury in a small package.

Fenice Milano does state that it has an ECU tune-up, rims and exhaust system for the La Dolce Vita 500C, but no mention on how much power gain the car makes over the standard 1.4liter engine. And I suppose those rims are only 24k gold plated and not solid gold. Imagine the weight of the rim if it were solid gold. The Fiat wouldn’t be able to move at all.

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Written by Rigval
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Tansrb Oct 27 2010 11:29 PM
my goodness this looks good.
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