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Receive Customer's Details
Car owners need to fill up his/her own particulars and car details on the online quotation form from Quotation Form Page. Take note that the accurate information need to be given to us so that the premium quoted from different insurance companies will be accurate.
Source for quotation
Once the accurate information is given to us, we will help car owners source quotations from different insurance companies and revert to you with the 3 most competetive quotations.
Quotation sent
Car owners will be informed of quoted prices via email or phone within 1 working day. However, it may take longer if there are claims as the insurance companies have to review the claims before the premium is derived.
Confirmation and payment
Payment for your insurance policy can be made by credit card at the comfort of your home.
Insurance Articles
Essential items to bring with you on your very first road trip
Essential items to bring with you on your very first road trip
Now that you've prepared yourself and your car, it's time to consider what to pack. Here's what to bring on your first road trip.
Six crucial components to consider before buying a used car
Six crucial components to consider before buying a used car
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What should you do if someone steals your car overseas?
What should you do if someone steals your car overseas?
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Car Insurance Glossary
Here are some Car Insurance terms for you.
The cost associated with the type of your car insurance plan – ranging from Third Party to Comprehensive – and can span from any specified period up to 1 year.
What you have to make in an incident where injury is involved or when the other party refuses a private settlement.
What you have to pay when making a claim, but only when you’re at fault. If your claim is $3,000 and your excess is $500, you’ll only fork out that $500 while your insurer pays the other $2,500.
A reward percentage off your premium if you’ve not made any claims from the year prior. With every year, NCD increases by 10% and this can accumulate up to 50%.
Workshops approved by your insurer to perform repairs, if your plan has such a restriction in the event of damage incurred. If you have a preferred workshop or just want to get your car fixed at the nearest place, seek a plan that allows it. However, these may demand higher premiums.

For more information buying insurance, types of cars and recommended repair workshops, read our blog here.

Buy Car Insurance Online With Sgcarmart

Our dedicated team are on a mission to provide an effortless, streamlined process for obtaining car insurance. We provide a centralised service, which keeps your car insurance experience in Singapore as convenient and easy as possible. When you obtain an instant car insurance quote with us and pick a new plan from our suggestions, our service is more than just a once-off deal: We will contact you 3 months before your current car insurance plan expires and we will provide you with comparison for your next car insurance deal!

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