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MY-registered Alphard cuts the queue at JB checkpoint and gets scratched. Driver seeking compensation.

MY-registered Alphard cuts the queue at JB checkpoint and gets scratched. Driver seeking compensation.



TL;DR - A Malaysian-registered Toyota Alphard jumped in line and forced its way into a jam-packed lane at JB Checkpoint, causing his car to get scratched. The driver then demanded the cam car for compensation sparking an argument between both drivers.

The New Year long weekend means more cars stuck at the causeway for a long time. But, that also means tempers will rise and the chances of a mishap occurring increases. To be honest, I would be surprised if the weekend went by without incident.

Watch this 96-second road rage confrontation for one such incident.

What happened? 

Footage of the incident showed that there were long snaking queues at the JB checkpoint as the cam car and a Malaysian registered Alphard approached the merging lane.

The Alphard driver winded down his window to signal his intention of merging into the cam car’s lane. However, the cam car seemed to be caught off guard and thus, moved forward as well. This resulted in the Alphard grazing the front of the cam car.

Undoubtedly, it sparked anger as the Alphard driver came out of his car to take picture proof of the cam car, and continued to display gestures of unhappiness. 

The driver allegedly demanded for compensation for the damage caused (but it is unclear how this incident was resolved). 

Online Chatter: 


Seems like netizens are faulting the Alphard driver for being a reckless driver. 



Regardless, we should all be nice on the road - don't be so 'kanchiong'! 

All it takes is a little bit of graciousness and consideration from every road user. This kind thought will only slow you down for three seconds, but it will definitely save you from hours of anger afterwards. 



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