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2020 Hyperion XP-1 hydrogen supercar

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Hyperion XP-1 hydrogen supercar to be revealed in August

American start-up’s debut model uses Nasa technology to deliver supercar performance



American start-up company Hyperion will unveil its hydrogen-powered XP-1 next month, promising supercar performance from Nasa-derived drivetrain technology. 

The soon-to-be-revealed car - previewed in a new video, below - is said to be powered by a “high-performance, zero-emissions hydrogen-electric powertrain” that uses technology originally developed for the US's space agency.

This is said to provide a greener alternative to petrol and diesel supercars, as well as being more practical than battery-electric supercars such as the Lotus Evija and Rimac C_Two, because buyers won't have to worry as much about range and recharging times.

Hyperion, founded by CEO Angelo Kafantaris in 2011, gives us only a glimpse of the XP-1 in the clip, but a flickering shot, combined with an earlier teaser image, gives clues as to its styling.

A wide, haunched front end bears a resemblance to the Bugatti Veyron, while its profile, previewed earlier this year, suggests it will adopt a coupé-style sloping roofline and a curved rear. It’s unclear whether it features two or four seats.

Hyperion remains tight-lipped about the XP-1’s performance, claiming only that it will be more than a match for the pace of modern supercars.

Following the coronavirus-induced cancellation of the New York motor show, where the XP-1 was originally meant to be revealed, the supercar will now be unveiled online in August.

Pricing and production details have yet to be confirmed, but it can be expected to be sold in extremely limited numbers, given its claimed performance potential and complex make-up.



Interesting, a hydrogen powered car. I wonder how the technology actually works.

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Hydrogen fuel cell technology isnt new. The current Honda Clarity is running on hydrogen fuel. Adding electrification to the car is maybe no car maker is doing it now. Cost wise I think it's only reserved for the super rich.

The cons of liquid hydrogen is well known. It's much more highly combustible or flammable than petrol when exposed to air. Storage requires precious metals. Transporting liquid hydrogen is an issue given its highly flammable nature.

So question is why build a car whereby only a few individuals can buy?

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