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  1. Neojckw

    Honda Fit's Accessory

    Hi there, just asking whether anyone here know where to buy genuie honda accessories. I'm trying to buy a cover for the truck. was told by the PI that they don't have it as original doesn't have it as accessories. thanks
  2. Neojckw

    Honda City ZX Owner Review

    as of 8/12/05 ( i went for test drive) price no change at $60000. No financial discount or insurance discount
  3. Neojckw

    Honda City 2G Vtec

    If you can't even clutch how to pass go for auto lor
  4. Neojckw

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Hi , Sorry to post here as i'm a newbie....Just wana ask Bro lonewolf how is Mazda 2 sp. How is the FC??? Any glitches??? any advice from others is also greatly appreciated.