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  1. Peterich2005

    Grooming Packages in the West

    There is a car grooming centre at IMM car park that offer all sorts of polishing and paint protection products. They are very friendly and good services. I had tried their product in the past and uses their services twice.
  2. Peterich2005

    Just booked my car - what type of PPS to recommend?

    Hi Bro, I have been using Teflon PTFE sealants for many years and found that it really works. In the past, I had tried CS 11 who claimed having Teflon in their product as well as QMI Paint Sealant. I am still a faithful customer with the teflon QMI. The last time I send my car for those coating was about 1 year ago at IMM Shopping area car park for the QMI teflon for my BMW. I had previously called up CS 11 but they dont seem to have teflon coating when I did my search, instead was recommended the Titanian coating ceramic which I find quite costly. Dont know why people are now talking about ceramic or 9H ??? I guess it is a trend. The teflon sealant I had experienced seem to be as good, shining and lasting for a fraction of a cost. If you can get in America, it gonna save you money on DIY.
  3. Peterich2005

    Car Wrap or respraying of the car?

    I suggest you should do the paint restoration through a car grooming company and if you do have many dents, get the dents removal. This way is cheaper and your car will even look like show room car if you go for paint restoration plus paint sealant or paint protection coat.
  4. In my case, I did my car in the past by QMI Paint sealant. The shine and gloss was great and long lasting. I was advised to wash my car at least once in 2 weeks time just with water in order that the shine and protection last for years without waxing. I recently found out that QMI is back under the name as ToughGuard Car grooming and got my car done at their Rivervale Mall branch. I heard from their staff that they had opened up a new outlet at IMM.
  5. Peterich2005

    Sonax at Stamford Tyres Lengkee

    You can buy a bottle of Sonax at IMM Giant for about $19.00. I dont think cheap product is good. Worst if you paid for service that you did not get.
  6. Recently I heard that the original QMI is back at IMM and Rivervale Mall Shopping centre. They are using a teflon paint sealant as coating for car paint that protect against color fading and oxidation. In the past, I got my car treated at Autobacs after their Motorshow and got the gloss and wet looks that turned eyes after the coating. Can anyone confirm they are really there?
  7. Peterich2005

    Shine shine car wash - JB Tesco Tebrau City

    I heard that they had closed down the Bukit Panjang Plaza branch and Prime Auto care took over. As for IMM, I heard they are closing down in November and QMI is taking back.
  8. Peterich2005

    Private Car Rental Scheme May Be Liberalised

    It is a joy and pride of owning your own car and taking care of it. Renting out your car will surely get your car damage in many ways.. I and my friends who had done that before, had suffered the consequences. Think about it... if you pride your car, will you rent it out? If you pride your wife or gf, will you let other to use?
  9. I had tried CS 11, QMI and Toughguard. They are all as good as waxes.