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  1. Trol

    12 Toyota Wish Boot cover?

    I also wanted one set for my 2016 Wish but seemed like waiting in vain.....
  2. Trol

    Anyone driving the latest Ford Focus

    Well, this might be their next planning to bring this EcoBoost 1.0 for our local mkt so to fit in the CAT A COE. Let's see, as this engine has already widely accepted in Europe with thumbs up !
  3. Trol

    Ford Focus titanium

    Mine is the trend model, no titanium available at the time of my booking.... Drove the estate for the pass few days and very happy with it.. Well, just managed to replace the stock 16" Rims+tyres to 17" x7J, offset 50, 5 spokes rim plus 225/45/17 Bridgestone RE003
  4. Trol

    Anyone driving the latest Ford Focus

    I got the Focus Estate-Trend.. It is running on Duretec +powershift.. I doubt so they will bring in the 1.5 Ecoboost and this will upgrade to CAT B COE and fighting with all big players...
  5. Trol

    Ford Focus titanium

    Well, we just want to make our hard earned dollar worthiness ....hahaha . Or else we will just hop in any premium showroom ,grab an expensive one and rides off...These people wont be bother about the COE up or down....What really worries them is " When can I collect the car !"
  6. Trol

    Ford Focus titanium

    Mine is the Trend model. Today, the Titanium is almost the same price I bought 2 weeks ago !!! They should one unit left ! Any taker ?
  7. Trol

    Ford Focus titanium

    Perhaps the below 100K is due to their forth casted down trend of the CAT A COE.. Hahaha, I've wagon or you called it an estate..Owned the 850, xc70 before and wanted a V60 but it is really very over priced and hence settled for a Ford Focus Estate... Cost me 112K with no CEV rebate for this model as previous rebate was 5K, but after 1st July, the value became zero
  8. Trol

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Hi, in normal case. your financial company will have to refund you the payment unless the validity is over... My suggestion is follows -Once dotted line is signed with buyer & seller, indicate the deadline for full settlement clearly, ( Within 3-7 days ) -Cancel your GIRO immediately, this to prevent dealer from overlooked the validity and quite commonly, they will try to buy times and quickly sell the car or transfer to other dealers for quick bucks and not incurring huge amount to full settle your car -Worst case, dealer will tell you "don't worry, I settle the instalment for u" This shown that they are running on low liquidity and after the instalment paid, they will carry on pushing & selling the cars ASAP before the next instalment dueagain ! -Beware, our car is always involved in lots of money compares to UK which worth peanuts and their transaction is only one piece of pink paper, short & sharp unlike others.... I quote from my UK friend " Wow, your 7 years old SUV and sold for 80K, whereas in UK this is worth perhaps 7-10K " Laughter carry on plus beer follows.....
  9. Trol

    Ford Focus titanium

    Hmm, I will be collecting my F.F estate by next week and looking forward to it....
  10. Trol

    Anyone driving the latest Ford Focus

    Let's jump start this Ford Focus... Any 2015 F.F owners out there ? I will be collecting my estate by next week and looking forward to it
  11. Hmm, got the COE CAT A and looking forward for my 2015 ford focus estate.... The next import by them will be a 1.0T , ecoboost ! Check it out with Regent ...
  12. Trol

    2016 Mitsubishi Outlander

    Hi, I was in the showroom earlier on before the COE releasement and was quoted 142K, rebate 65K..Omv 19K I think if the price is around 130-133K will be good for me as I've offloaded my heavy weight Oct 2008 Pajero to a new owner and currently sourcing for another SUV or Wagon....I was at Komoco last evening and quoted the i40 wagon at 137K, Omv 23K.. Hmm, hunt carries on..... Trol
  13. Trol

    Honda Vezel

    Absolutely agreed. At the moment once the negative terminal was connected, Handbrake, Stop brake icon wasn't displayed at all .Well, all gained back memory this morning....It is all ok now... Noted, meaning mine vezel is as normal as all of yours...Hahaha I hated some mechanics whom don't know and yet give wrong information !!!
  14. Trol

    Honda Vezel

    Hi, Can I say that even if we pressed the Start/Stop button on the gear shift panel, the Orange A icon will not shown in the instrumental panel ? The green icon, are you referring to the "ECON" ? Thanks