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    Yokohama a.drive R1?

    best quote I got for a.drive is 130 per piece from Leong S***. but am using FK452 instead. will think that GR80 is a proven tyre compared to DB501 which is quite new.
  2. I think high vol or low vol of car does not matter. The reg step can be kept last, only until the car is ready then the SE should proceed. My new car is from KM, there were many cars but I got it on the same day in the evening. start banging tables, ask for compensation, to see GM etc. Cheers.
  3. Razor

    Will diff brand of tyres affect FC ?

    if want to reduce road noise (for perf tyre which tends to be noisier), U can rotate at 5000km interval to balance the wear.
  4. either same or next day after reg. otherwise U are being taken for a ride. all freebies can be installed prior to reg and not necessary after.
  5. Razor

    Which Solar Film?

    used vkool UV70, the higher range, did not encounter this pro. can go back and upgrade??
  6. Razor

    Bodykit and accessory for New Civic

    Avoid Yap Bros. Poor Service.