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  1. Edrollbrick

    Window tints from Perfect

    No complaints of their quality, 1st car done 9.5 years ago. When replaced the windsreen, they still have my record on the type of film used. Even though the orignal film is obsolete, they have alternative and perform very close to original. Second car done the 788 package recently by them, quality can be felt immediately in cutting IR and UV after I drove it out of the workshop. Good value.
  2. regular engine maintenance with good synthetic oil is very important. This is the ultimate turbo killer. Overboosting with adjustments/modification other than standard, you can expect some seals, oil, gas, leaks and early failure.
  3. Edrollbrick

    Pwn a Lambo on the road....

    Haha, I think no one can blame you for doing what you are doing on this forum with such threads. When on national tv, script writers use language like: "Chicken Egg Fry Duck Egg", and " 5 6 7 8 " repeatedly like some kind of beautiful idioms on prime time soap operas... Our people's menatality is sitting on "AH Q Spirit"
  4. Edrollbrick

    Good car wash at cheapo price

    Be careful. They gave my car 2 long lines on the side and many areas not clean. I am giving this a miss even t hough it seems cheaper at $5. But heart pain! so not worth it.
  5. Edrollbrick

    Why volkswagen is rate one of the worse reliable car.

    My passat is not as bad coming to 4 years. It has its usual idiosyncracies but bearable. Really dependent on individual. Dealings with VGS during warranty period is ok. Parts prices I felt are reasonable both at VGS and outside. Not as expensive for original parts which cannot compare with OEM or replacement parts from other suppliers- in which case Asian cars will have many such parts therefore cheaper. Workshop prices outside are not cheap but bearable as these are quite well informed and uptodate. So instead of Q-time of 7 to 15days at VGS, drive in and out within same day possible at such other workshops.
  6. Edrollbrick

    MD Rockz at

    MD Ok, will contact you tomrrow.
  7. Edrollbrick

    MD Rockz at

    MD, will like to get the waffle cloth and #601. Wher about in Sengkang will you be at?
  8. Edrollbrick

    How Reliable is VW?

    If you are already driving a conti, VW will be a great car in general. Have been driving the Passat for 3 years. There are issues that are solved under warranty with good support from AD. Outside support are also available and I must say is getting better. I will gauge my VW reliability as around 7.5/10.
  9. definetly will not see removal of road tax. Big Fat Cash Cow. they will say need to do public education on tv, so who pays other than from the road tax? just like the TV license, you do the sums and the number is not small.
  10. whenever the garment say they are studying, it will be implemented. IR, organ, now charge as you drive system - which not necessary mean they will do away with ERP, which can be easily factorinto the road usage.
  11. Edrollbrick

    How come so many cars on fog lights today?

    Thanks for the information. But the cops are never around to impose. More problem are those who do not "On their Lights at all". THere are more and more of those too. ANyone else notice? THese are just as dangerous if not more.
  12. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows that when we sell our used car as a private person deal is there GST? And we buy from or through a second car dealer will they charge for GST?? Just been thinking about buying a used 1 or 2 year car.
  13. Edrollbrick

    When to change brake rotors?

    I think rule of thumb 2 sets of pad then rotor. Conti brakes tend to wear faster. At 60k, I think no more warranty as brakes are wear and tear items. Some work shop "skim" the rotors if it is not already too thin. Normally done only once, if scoure again better change.
  14. Edrollbrick

    Volvo C70

    Volvo showroom is one of the most user/buyer/browser friendly that I have come across. they normally let me wander around and someone will come up later after seeing me quite interested in a car to ask if they can get a SE to help. I went to the showroom umpteen times before settling for a test drive and signing up. Must be a black sheep.
  15. Edrollbrick

    Score OWN Goal!

    Just to add more juices, the 7pm to 7am is to ensure season parking tickets holders have lots when they return from home. Many of these marked 7pm-7am are meant for high volume visitors whom may use these lots for shopping centres and other other high traffice volume places. Including Sun/Public Holidays was when they allow many places "free parking" during these days. If they are reserved even at 5pm or whole day or public holidays, then they should just have red lots without the time limit. Maybe a mispelling here and there by HDB, but these new contractors certainly must meet their targets and will interpret as they can.. I was even booked in my own season parking because they punch in the wrong number. She certainly has a case.