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  1. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    We are a lot more active on Telegram chat app. Please post in the forum if you wanna join and one of the admin will get back to you.
  2. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Guys please pm Yokechye or myself and join our group. No obligation even if you are still in the decision stage. Some of us have met SE's that can give more freebies. Suffice to say, those who didn't know were a little unhappy after signing on the dotted line.
  3. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Always within the speed limit. PM me in the whatsapp group
  4. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Thanks! It's been great! No complaints so far. Performed beautifully on the NSHW. I didn't install the wind deflector. I did have some rattling from the A/C on the highway till I changed it to non-recirculate mode. It went away and surprisingly never came back despite recirculate mode later on.
  5. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Hahaha! And I thought my 12+km per L was good. Now I am in awe.
  6. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    We have a whatsapp group as well if you are interested. PM me Some short stretches of the NSHW because of the terrain can feel even at 140km/h. Those stretches are usually sign posted.
  7. synthez

    This classy young lady in a Mini

    I bet if the driver wasn't classy young lady, won't have so many white knight supporters.....
  8. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Congrats! PM your number and I'll add you.
  9. synthez

    Euro 6 petrol cars

    Kah Motor website
  10. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    Yes this is the same with the BMW 216GT. Once I've collected my car, will see if I can link up with that person who is an expert reprogrammer. Maybe can group buy reprogramming? Haha!
  11. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    I wonder if it's something we can reprogram ...?
  12. synthez

    Volkswagen Sharan..

    We mentioned some of these in our whatsapp group too. Would be great to have all you helpful ppl join.
  13. synthez

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    Quite active. Friendly bunch. Not sure, may be a setting thing.
  14. synthez

    Ceiling fan

    The KDK R48SP is designed for HDB. The stalk is very short. Less than 20 cm i reckon. Unless you are very tall?