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  1. Got this feeling both cat A and cat B will go down abit next bidding. Give showrooms chance to attract crowds again. + nobody created the thread? Lol...
  2. Harthen

    Esso discount voucher

    Received $6off $60 coupon from ocbc today. 4pcs valid until 30Sep and 31Oct.
  3. Harthen

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Old honda jazz 1.5L gets 10km/ltr.. drive city road with quite abit of traffic lights.
  4. Got this feeling both cat A and cat B will go down abit. Give showrooms chance to attract crowds again.
  5. Harthen

    Esso discount voucher

    Any new coupon recently?
  6. Its the norm. However our vezel had no addtl charge for pearl white. Different PI charged differently i guess.
  7. may I know which PI is this and what color? Presume 1.3 cat A.. my friend ordered midnight blue, yet to have stock..
  8. My friend just got his coe too.. 2nd bid from PI. But his car (color) is not ready yet.. lol.
  9. If you back out then your deposit will be gone?
  10. 2 more days to go.... lol.
  11. Perhaps everyone bought the car already.. waiting for delivery..
  12. Perhaps hover around the same. Cat A 32.6k Cat B 43.3k
  13. Harthen

    Esso discount voucher

    I think it makes sense bah. Need to scan barcode using the apps.. Btw, if I spent $60 and paid partial say $30 using vouchers, and balance $30 using ocbc 365 or hsbc to use stacked coupon $6off $60, is it acceptable by Esso?
  14. Harthen

    Esso discount voucher

    Ahh okay..
  15. Harthen

    Esso discount voucher

    Anyone knows if rewards $3off $50 from esso apps can be forwarded to other users?