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  1. Bossbthk

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    I find PS4 wet performance not so good. the car will pull to one side when cutting thru water "ponding" area on parts of the expressway on the right (Speeds at 90km/h - 100km/h). Not very decent for NSHW. Wet cruising is okie (80km/h). Wet test condition factor: Torrential Rain as per Last 2 week Corner grip is good on dry. Decent Tyre. Comfort is okie. Noise level is low. Car: w212 E200. Staggered Config. 245/40/18 & 265/35/18 Mileage: 3000km. Rate: 8/10 just sharing my opinion.
  2. Bossbthk

    PCD 5 x 113 rims on PCD 5 x 112

    done ...case close ... fall back to a rim with 5x112. instantly less vibration felt through the steering...
  3. Bossbthk

    PCD 5 x 113 rims on PCD 5 x 112

    oh crap ... they used all 5 ... basket ... but i can't explain why the front felt smooth ... while the front right has that irritating vibration through the steering wheel... To further elaborate. Rear staggered, without wobble nuts. they use it in the front to minimise the vibration i have doubts with the center ring also ... but when i inspect... it seems fitting... really scratching the head for an answer ..
  4. Bossbthk

    PCD 5 x 113 rims on PCD 5 x 112

    hmmm offset and all pretty decent. just that i was explained by them on the PCD would not make a significant difference. Balancing & alignment all okie. hence i don't understand why only the right front vibrates instead of both the front vibrating. left front is good. Pardon me i can't mention the workshop name. i don't want to discredit them also. Just the ding dong is bit irritating. i may ask them to replace me a set of rim with the right PCD. Just that i have to forego the chosen design. Just want to raise this in forum to see if anyone has similar issue and solution. They are quite good chaps also. willing and patience to rectify my problem. Thanks fellow chaps for the inputs. Regards,
  5. Bossbthk

    PCD 5 x 113 rims on PCD 5 x 112

    pcd 5 x 113... because it is a new type of RIM manufactured to fit 112 and 114.3 The thing is ... the left front felt planted. But the right on speed 70, 80 and 90km/h has slight and numb vibration on the steering wheel.
  6. I recently changed a set of rims from a workshop. i was assured that the set of rims i have chosen PCD 5 x 113 are able to fit my ride of PCD 5 x 112 after which after fixing, i felt the right front wobbling ... despite wobble nuts and fitting center ring...
  7. Bossbthk

    Road Patching done badly

    PUI, 10mm as standard. PUI ... LTA please check the roads. Agree bukit batok ave 3. there one, slip road to lornie road from dunearn. i got a puncture there. surprising as a Hougang resident, road patch there seem in better condition than elsewhere. If you get my drift...
  8. Bossbthk

    My Note 2 Experience

    i was wonder if you all find note 2 headphone volume rather soft. then mine randomly at times cant find network
  9. dont know is it related. i had the fuel tank change FOC from C&C 3 years back. they sort of say is a slight issue.
  10. Bossbthk

    Spray painting for rims.

    singapore got sell plastic dip meh ??
  11. Bossbthk

    RON 97 down 10 sen from tomorrow

    bless the boleh land ... they adjust quite quicky ...
  12. Bossbthk

    Recommendation of wheel alignment workshop

    for a piece of my mind ... i went kenny alignment. was told rear front all out in a bad way due to lowering (after lowered i went for alignment ) ... i guess the previous alignment i did in ubi wasnt tht fantastic ... boss is a friendly guy ... didnt know is on cash terms ... didnt bring enuff cash... he say nvm ... u can pay me later ... =)
  13. justice serve ... at least the driver die ... the motorcyclist and taxi driver as well as passenger managed to cling on their life ...
  14. WAH !!! ... how many GTO in on SGP roads ... is this the only GTO ??
  15. Bossbthk

    Those on eibach springs..

    where did u buy the pro kit ?? Vectrasonic