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  1. Wadthefark

    Is buying a Proton in Singapore stupid?

    i might be getting a satria neo. any one owned one here? any comment?
  2. Wadthefark

    Thinking of getting WRX 2.0 (A)

    how much salary u get a month? very siong ... for me i think i can only own a 2nd hand opc rex...lolzz..
  3. Wadthefark

    Re-Poll : Who has the nicest butt in town

    R34 nice~!~!
  4. Wadthefark

    Another WRX Accident

    amk after the mac. evo badly crashed. whole backside was gone. Dunno wad it crash into.. so wet weather nowadays. and it's a small slope with so many "L" plate around there. Dunno how's the driver. Guys better take care on the road nowadays.
  5. Wadthefark

    Parking Idiot / Parking Fail / Anyhow Park...

    wad the....?????? cute reply....
  6. Wadthefark

    Where to rent a WRX Sti?

    my wedding coming on nov any one haf lobang renting a sports car? 16 nov - 20 nov like tat.