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  1. Bern2

    National Day Rehearsal Goodie BAD

    Hmm.. wonder how come. Attended last year actual day celebrations. Got nothing to complain about, the clappers , light sticks, plastic stuff were all ok. Flag also good, still flying in kids room... Kids loved them and was used till eventually died. Batteries were ok too. The tote bag also not too bad other than color, used as a baby diaper bag still. Is there a different quality for rehearsal vs actual day?
  2. Think the best is to open all doors to air dry. Also can try a bag of charcoal plus newspapers etc. Another alternative is if you have an osim steam vacuum cleaner. Can steam dry the cushions if affected also the mat and carpets. No smell cos it'll kill mould and bacteria.
  3. Well I guess if filing the pads doesn't fix the sound then it must be something else. Rear rotor should not wear out quickly, your front rotors will almost always wear out first. Time frame doesn't matter as much as how hard you use the brakes and how much they have worn away. Am not sure of the correct wear specs for a Stepwgn.
  4. Bern2

    Necessary for Cars to service every 10k km?

    While it may be true that extended service intervals is possible, there is a valid reason to stick wif the stated 10k or whatever schedule. If you do value your time and money then stick with the stated intervals. Have seen a number of engines at the workshop with seized bearings or broken crankshafts due to " nothing spoil wat" or plain ignorance of some owners. It s not a pretty sight, the gunk in the oil sump usually means total overhaul. Our climate and traffic warrants almost a severe condition. This is due to stop start traffic and short trips. Engines take some time to reach optimum temp levels too. Oil will eventually break down so changing it out is the best. If tyres are almost 3-4 years old they would be pretty hard and less pliable then when new. The grip level is very different by then. For all these reasons I stick to the intervals stated. woops meant to reply to the TS
  5. I guess they were waiting for more "evidence" to surface before taking action. Seems like the 911 call from that california higway patrol cop whose whole family crashed and died must have been the straw that broke the camel's back for them. As I said its pretty Scary.
  6. Seems like this problem has been known since 2007. Note that with the pedal stuck you can't shift to neutral, reverse or cut engine with the stop/start button. Scary.... Check out the vid. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5d0_1265315365
  7. Bern2

    (Solution Needed) Myna fly into my home

    OK I have a relatively simple way of driving them away but I am not sure if it works for everyone. I hang old CD's near the window. The bright shiny plastic somehow irritates them as they twist and turn in the sunshine, dazzling them and they stay away from my window. Try 2 per window frame hanging by a string. It works for me and seems to drive away most birds. Its a cheap way method without killing the birdies and messing around with poisons.
  8. Bern2

    SAF Urban Legends

    Ya, I was told it was the exact same officer. poor thing didn't stand a chance.
  9. Bern2

    SAF Urban Legends

    I think that was a different incident. The shooting incidents took part earlier circa 1992. I was a recruit too during that time. There were 2 incidents which stood out for their seriousness and subsequent aftermath. During that time Tekong was still considered 'no man's land', the instructors were king and the camp CO was a non believing guy and didn't allow offerings or prayers for you know what. As follows: 1) In my recruit platoon, we too had a mummy's boy type except that he was really trying very hard to fit in and all of us were also trying hard to help him in his training and overall outlook. Nevetheless, he found the going pretty tough and had a rough time trying to learn. Anyway at the last shoot of BMT, my platoon mate was the fella who left a round in the chamber of his M16 and accidentally shot another recruit while forming up at the 100m range. He had left a round in after getting an IA for his last 300m run. For no apparent reason he squeezed trigger marching to the butt. The guy who was shot was lucky to survive as it was point blank but crippled for life. Thank goodness for FAD. The recruit who shot him was charged with negligence. Both discharged from Army. I confirm as I had to be witness for the trial. Following this incidents, safety directive was passed where IA and clearing of rifles was done without magazines to prevent accidental chambering of rounds as it was concluded that the round was in the magazine when he cocked, check clear his rifle. 2) Incident 2 took place one month after that. This I heard from the investigating officer while attending to the first incident. There was a recruit who was not allowed to return home for the weekend as it was his turn for guard duty. Even though his grandmother passed away and he wanted to attend her funeral but was not allowed by the duty officer. Worse still was the officer went and tekan the guards later by turning them out many times during the night. During the next range shoot, the recruit intentionally kept missing so as to get the officers attention. He turned the m16 at the officer and was threatening to shoot. The 'garang' officer tried to talk him out of it by going closer but was shot in the chest as he approached. The guy then blew his brains out next. That's all I know.
  10. Bern2

    Water Heater Problem

    The other scenario I can think of is that the original plug head which is from manufacturer was replaced. Meaning the plug was changed from a dunno what type to our 3 pin type to fit our electrical socket. So the rating is not compatible for our household supply. Just a possibility...
  11. Bern2

    Water Heater Problem

    Hope you are able to solve your issue quickly. Can be painful on the wallet but one time better than whole house burn down.
  12. Bern2

    Water Heater Problem

    Think you need to get an electrician to change out your plug or recommend a solution. The plastic for the plug doesn't seem to be able to take the current drawn by the heater. Do not switch the fuse, this will allow an even higher current through the plug before it blows. Seems like a pretty badly designed instrument.
  13. ha ha. no can't say I ever have done it in a plastic bag in the car. Must have been real cannot tahan thing. only army field toilet is the worse for me.
  14. Longest time spent in traffic jam is 8+ hours on the M40 in UK. River Avon burst its banks. Jam was only 2 miles long but only passable to one car at a time if tall enuff. A few cars died halfway so jam even longer. Worse still was high 'tide' and needed to go loo... cannot reverse, cannot go forward. No trees to block so cannot do 'it' roadside either. Major relief when I got thru to the other side and rest stop. arrived at destination 12 hrs after I left.