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    Arrival of Ford Smax and Galaxy Ecoboost!

    Great Choice - either smax or galaxy Most problems center on the gearbox / sensors / water pump etc... Regular servicing ie follow the service guide will keep yr ride in good condition If your gearbox goes - may cost up to 7K, if yr speed sensor (located in the gearbox) goes, may cost you 2k, if yr water pump goes, may cost you 1 to 2 k The air con if on auto climate control sucks power but if you manually set, yr turbo power comes back Dual clutch takes time to get use to. Downshifts and auto gear selection may cause some discomfort but you will get used to this. Hill assist is good going uphill but if reversing uphill, you need to be more vigilant Fuel consumption is about 8 to 9 km/ltr for 60/40 highway/city driving for Galaxy. Weight is 1.7 ton without passengers so expect this consumption for MPV. Space is good for each seat with seat belts for every one and up to 8 airbags for the Galaxy. Lots of storage space in compartments. Enjoy if you do decide to get the car
  2. Bro, can recommend yr ws? I also getting noise when i am at 80km. when i drop to 60km, the noise stops. I thougnt it was my drive shaft like not enough grease sound but now i want to check wheel bearing also. i just change to korean car n my current ws does not specialize in this car. cheers
  3. Vento95

    GSM Car Security System

    hi bro, u can try another system in Singapore. www.Asiatracks.org can immobilize the car using handphone also. cheers
  4. Vento95

    COE Big Small Eyed Mercedez Benz E200

    Hi, u can get it at Sam Leong Road or Waterloo street. Sin ming is more for the car repair shop spares i guess. If u need 2nd hand spares, Kranji Road has a body shop where u can get all the spares u want - Masterpiece setup etc... I am not naming any shop names.U need to visit the location and see for yourself or PM me. Anyway good to know u are +ve on the W124. It is a good car for cruising. I drive one too. There are some stuff u can add to make the ride "more powerful". U can add products like EZ-stab, grounding bridge, Surbo (single or twin); Bosch 4 plugs, engine oil like schaffers, royal purple, additives like Lube control amongst other stuff. These products have been added to my W124. Other W124 owners I know add other stuff to clean the injectors. Cheers
  5. Vento95

    Which workshop?

    Bro, Check out http://forums.delphiforums.com/sgmercedes on kleeman performance kit for w211. Me drive w124 but very tempted to change to w211 after reading. Cheers
  6. Vento95

    Ford Mondeo Newbie : questions

    Hi Mondeo, I am planning to service my car this weekend. So where can I go (in Sin Ming Multistorey)to get this Buddy thing done? I use Servotronics amongst a few others there. Need to know how long to fix the buddy thing and should I fix the buddy thing before service (change oil, filters, spark plugs, air filters, change water pump, check engine oil leakage, check suspension, faulty brake warning lights etc...) or after service? I don't want to travel too far cos I hope to get my car back by the end of the day and each workshop needs time to fix the car. See ya
  7. Vento95

    Ford Mondeo Newbie : questions

    Hi Mondeo, sorry hit the post button so fast did not reply yr actual question. Checked out Turf City and AML. Prices of Mondeo model very high but did not bargain. Examples 05/02 model, OMV 19K+, COE 39K+ asking $84800 10/02 model, OMV 19K+, COE 30+ asking $88K+ 09/01 model, OMV 19K+, COE 28+ asking $79K+ Actual Scrap between 48K and 60K. Dealer asking for +/- 25K to 30K extra. Is there something wrong with the 02 model cos I saw quite a number being "thrown"? PS Is the Buddy aircon thing really good? Can fix on my Vento 95 model? Where to go? How much will my mileage improve by? (I am getting 12 to 13 km per litre now)
  8. Vento95

    Ford Mondeo Newbie : questions

    Hi Mondeo, I went on Sat to RM - saw the gtg for the official opening. Test drove the Mondeo. Here are my findings: 1. Spacious 2. Good feel and handling (to me) 3. Noisy (can hear tyres and engine noise when on highway. SE said that performance tyres caused this effect. also soundproofing may be needed as I could hear other vehichles >5m away when at stoplight) 4. Economy - Don't know, depend on Specs , others 5. Fittings - ok as I drive 2nd hand 8 yr old car. Don't like the light color leather seats though. Enough compartments for me 6. Engine - cannot see as cover on (SE said need to unscrew?? cover) 7. Price - $95,900 with 22 / 23 K OMV and COE rebate at 26K 8. Power - sufficient (better than my car) but dare not try to drag since it is a demo car Overall, can consider but maybe out of budget.
  9. Vento95

    Ford Mondeo Newbie : questions

    Hi Mondeo, Hope you don't mind me asking ; Is the Mondeo a good car to drive? I am thinking of changing my car and I came across some 2nd hand Mondeo's - 02 model. The build and interior was nice but I didn't try test driving cos'I was looking at other brands/ models. However, after some reading up, the car seems ok to me. You seem to have done a fair bit of mods on your car. How is your petrol consumption with the mods? How much BHP have you really added on - 10 to 50 bhp? Hope to hear from you .