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  1. Alligator

    Newbies, post ur questions/request here

    I'm wondering what's the comparison of maintaining a BMW 1 vs Audi A1. I'm considering getting a 2-3 years old unit and hope to find some tips here. Thank you in advance
  2. Alligator

    My Wish Came Through (haha)

    Wow thank you for the review. I'm still searching for a suitable COEd B class ... Hope I find one soon j
  3. Alligator

    My Wish Came Through (haha)

    Now that you have driven your COEd B class x2 for some months, what are your reviews ? I'm asking be is I'm considering a COEd B class too
  4. Alligator

    Newbies, post ur questions/request here

    The last time I owned a car under my name was 10 years ago though I've not stopped driving other cars (not registered in my name) So am wondering if a COEd B class would a good drive considering its mechanics and the costs for sprucing its engine and the usual servicing. Would it even be with it ?
  5. Alligator

    Newbies, post ur questions/request here

    Buying a car is always an big expense and I'm hoping to find something with the least cash outlay. I've been contemplating getting a brand new Jap car (something practical and economical) vs renewed COE B class (something I really like) Hearing a few scary stories about how much costs gone into maintaining a COE Mercedes and the number of breakdowns got me thinking and confused. Hoping to get some advise if it's viable / worth it to get a renewed COE B class. Thank you in advance