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  1. I don't understand the reason for RogerNg asking for photo in this thread which is unnecessary and irrelevant. Roger, how about we make a deal? I can post all the photos of the cars, in return you post your own photo for us to see.
  2. Hello everyone, I am starting a AMA thread just for discussion purposes.Possibly to help answer some comparison questions between cars I have driven before, from my individual perspective. (Not a show-off thread - as I am not financially strong enough to own a car). A bit of background, I been a seasoned driver, been driving regularly for the past decade. I have never owned a car before, but I am blessed to have the opportunities to drive my friends and relatives' cars on a regular basis, or sometimes. I also took some time off to test drive some sedans recently as I am contemplating on getting one. So far, I have driven the following models regularly before: Kia Cerato Forte SX 1.6L 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6L Toyota Wish AE10 1.8L Toyota Camry Prestige XV40 2.0L BMW 216i Gran Tourer Diesel-powered BMW 316i F30 BMW 520i E60 XL BMW 523i F30 Audi Q5 8R 2.0T 2019 Mazda 6 2.0L Standard 2018 Mazda CX-5 2.0L Premium I have already managed to clock limited miles on the following cars: 2019 Kia Cerato Forte SX Honda Civic 10-Gen 1.6NA Hyundai Avante S 2019 Mazda 3 HB 1.5L Premium Volvo S90 Happy to answer any questions with respect to interior, exterior, performance and feel of these cars. Cheers.
  3. Any idea when SMN would be released? I always thought its the start of the month.
  4. MrKodo

    Curry sauce is back

    What else does one uses the Mac curry sauce for? I only use it exclusively for their nuggets and fries. Why are people loading up on this bottled curry sauce? Puzzling man.
  5. MrKodo

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    Wow looks like C&C has already secured COEs for all its back-logged buyers. That's good news! But also mean that demand for the next few COE biddings might be soft.
  6. MrKodo

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Just to start, the engine this time round would be Skyactiv-G with mild hybrid. So do expect better FCs over the previous generation Skyactiv-G.
  7. All those who wanted to buy, would have already placed their orders in the past 2 weeks ba.
  8. MrKodo

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Ohhh TEK so secretive... Weird... If the OMV of the incoming Mazda 3 is like 14 - 15k. Then it would be crazily priced.
  9. MrKodo

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Wow core trim at 98k, is more than Civic 1.6NA already... Anyone has an idea of the Basic trim?
  10. MrKodo

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I am actually looking for a hard number for the basic sedan. Do share if you or anyone else has it. Cheers!
  11. Cat A: 30k Cat B: 40k
  12. MrKodo

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Anyone here has the latest pricing and specifications for the 2019 Mazda 3 model?