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  1. pinto22sg

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    You really have an eye for such things, you are the right man for the job. But you still can't tell who am I. Both of us fought, he got banned, and I got a temporary suspension . Till now I am still sour and do not want to give in and ask you to resume my temporarily suspended account . Anyway I am closer to you than you might know.
  2. pinto22sg

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    13) you own a car.
  3. pinto22sg

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    Which country doesn't have low income earners ? I read his post, he said the list of grouses was what he and others go through. So he was actually referring to himself, his own grouses. Read carefully, and he is owning a car which is a luxury, which he conveniently leaves out among his long lists of obligations.
  4. pinto22sg

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    yeah but cost of living is lower also right ? He also has a choice of working abroad where the cost of living is much lower also. Did you read his posts that he owns a car but conveniently omit that in his grouses of things to pay ? Those he cited are blue coat workers who do hard labour work. If we look at foreigner workers who work in high value work like IT professionals and financial professionals, they have to pay the high rent here without public housing, send their children to school here without subsidy, pay for transport cost and medical fees etc, what's the difference?
  5. pinto22sg

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    Why don't he go other countries to be a foreign worker then ? He will be reversing the roles and do away with the problems, right ? Get what I mean ? They also have to feed their family at home from abroad, no ? Btw, he didn't mention in the above grouses that he owns a car.
  6. pinto22sg

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    Maybe the prison wardens also kana brainwashed.
  7. pinto22sg

    Newbies, post ur questions/request here

    Dear mods, I often came across postings with the words 'ccb pap'. Is this allowed and condoned ? Thanks.
  8. pinto22sg

    New Subaru XV

    My FC is the same as yours, hovering between 9L/100KM to 10L/100KM .
  9. pinto22sg

    Most Improved Car Brands

    The least improved car brand has got to be Perodua and Proton. After making cars for decades still cannot sell abroad but need protectionism to sustain it, shows how much this two brands have failed and fallen behind.
  10. pinto22sg

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    I think his first sermon after released from jail will be packed till outside also traffic jam, as his followers and supporters will be craving for his messages of God's love and give till you feel pain type of messages. Sickening.
  11. Part of the root of the anger of the Hong Kong people is the very high rising housing cost. The younger generation finds it impossible to own a decent house, which comes as small as a parking lot and over a million dollars. The bulk of the wealth is being owned by a few tycoons while the large majority struggle to meet the down payment of a house. This is where the Singapore government succeeded , by controlling the property price and keeping public housing affordable.
  12. pinto22sg

    New Subaru XV

    I am driving the metallic grey colour. I find the xv has a magic carpet ride, thanks to the new Subaru global platform. The biggest weakness is the fuel consumption is not great.
  13. I knew it. China government is always blaming her problems on the West, to deflect criticism. I support the protesters in their fight for human rights and autonomy.
  14. pinto22sg

    New Subaru XV

    Me too, been enjoying my new XV with the solar film and the Eyesight is working fine.
  15. pinto22sg

    Huawei. Mate 30

    Can use Google appstore ?