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  1. Hi Maddriver, Chanced upon this thread and find that you do delivery now. I still remember driving over to Yishun to collect Duragloss products. Like to seek your advice: - for rinseless products, any difference between Duragloss rinseless wash with aqua wax and Optimum no rinse wash and wax? Does it affect my ceramic coating? - can I use Duragloss 271 trim dressing to darken and shine moulding? - any product to clean alcantara leather? cheers!
  2. Splinter

    Simply Shine - Promotion rate 280 Nett Ceramic 9H Coating

    Hey there, can you quote for SEAT Ateca? Thanks!
  3. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    Yep! Gotten COE. CAT B went up 11% though.
  4. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    I think the terms are used loosely. From another resource, it says Haldex is 4WD and not AWD: We don't really need it for Singapore and it wasn't the main motivator for me as well. For me, it's the DQ250 and multi-link suspension that made me choose 4WD variant. :)
  5. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    I can share my SE contact if you are interested, I am sure something can be worked out. :) I took the 4WD variant as the price premium is still within my budget. The main differences between 2WD and 4WD: On demand 4WD Ateca is essentially still FWD but with 4WD system that distribute power to the rear wheels when the needs arise, e.g. front wheels losing grip. Ateca is using the latest Haldex system (5th Gen). In my research, I found that Volvo is using Haldex system as well. Anyhow, from wikipedia: Multilink suspension DQ250 gearbox The 4WD variant is using VW DQ250 gearbox instead of DQ200. Between DQ200 and DQ250, DQ200 was the more problematic gearbox that gave VW a bad name but I believe the issue had been rectified since 2013 and not a problem anymore (based on my research here - https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=2943). Regardless, DQ250 should be more reliable because of its 'wet' design.
  6. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    Personally, I can't feel any significant difference. Then again, I test drove the 4WD a week apart, this may affect my judgment. I didn't shortlist it for superficial reason - I don't like the floating armrest design. 😅
  7. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    Earlier, I tried to solicit feedback on GLA180 and there are some car owners who are passionate about their rides, so I didn't want to cause any discontentment. :) Anyhow, here's my short and subjective sharing: Audi Q2 - Suspension was a little hard. Engine a little raspy during acceleration and I was told it's the characteristic of 3-cylinder engine. Bare car with no notable equipment except for auto tailgate and ambient light. Skoda Karoq - Good ride, nothing to complain about. There's storage space throughout the car interior. Peugeot 3008 - The most comfortable ride out of all, the suspension absorbed road humps extremely well. SE is confident with the suspension, she asked me to accelerate over road hump which I did. SEAT Ateca 2WD / 4WD: Similar to Skoda, nothing to complain about. Not sure did the 4WD kick in during test drive since 4WD is on demand. My butt-o-meter gave good rating for 4WD when going over humps. On paper, 2WD has higher top speed, didn't drive fast enough to test that. :P Well-equipped with ACC. Mercedes GLA180 - Engine noise is the worse out of all the cars I test drove, very hard suspension. BMW 216i Active Tourer - sportier ride and despite engine having less power and slower acceleration than GLA180, I can't feel a hint of underpower. For all my test drives, auto start-stop was disabled, aircon set to lowest speed with FM volume on mute.
  8. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    Nice to see some active discussion today! My car hunt started some time in August - triggered by a series of Facebook ads on PI Mercedes Benz GLA180. It looks good and at the same time, within my means. I started with viewing and test driving Mercedes GLA180 and Audi Q2. Coming from a full-spec kimchi car, I was surprise at the lack of equipment, e.g. blind spot detection, memory seats, keyless entry. For me, the bare minimum will be blind spot detection and keyless entry. That aside, I had test drove below cars: Audi Q2 - test drove twice Skoda Karoq Peugeot 3008 - The most comfortable ride out of all, the suspension absorbed road humps extremely well SEAT Ateca 2WD SEAT Ateca 4WD Mercedes GLA180 BMW 216i Active Tourer - sportier ride and despite engine having less power and slower acceleration than GLA180, I can't feel a hint of underpower. Unless upon request, I will not share too much of my driving experience of the cars as it's subjective and I do not want to create any discontentment. :) Initially, it was between Skoda Karoq and SEAT Ateca. At similar price point for Skoda Karoq (Style) and SEAT Ateca 4WD, I was won over by SEAT's multi-link suspension and DQ250 gearbox. BMW 216i AT was a last minute contender during car expo . Price is not too far apart (< 10k) with the attractive overtrade offered by BMW. But I am also conscious that overtrade is not a discount per se, my loan amount is still based on the retail price, i.e. higher interest. In the end, I stayed with my decision to go with SEAT. Really appreciate the SEAT SE who has been patient with me. :)
  9. Splinter

    Seat Ateca

    After few weeks of test driving the cars I had shortlisted, finally decided on SEAT Ateca 4WD. Waiting for good news from COE bidding. 🙂
  10. Splinter

    2014 / 2015 BMW 2 Series Active / Gran Tourer

    Not sure is this a typical selling price or a car expo special, 216i active tourer sport is selling at 127,888. Trying to understand how the pricing works as retail price is 142,888. Retail Price: 142,888 Overtrade: 15,000 Effective Selling Price: 127,888 Bank Loan: 60% of 142,888 Downpayment: (40% of 142,888) - 15,000 - trade in value of my current car Is my working correct?
  11. Splinter

    2019 Mercedes A class (W177) and Sedan (V177)

    That's right. Here goes -> https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_pricing.php?CarCode=12561
  12. Splinter

    2019 Mercedes A class (W177) and Sedan (V177)

    Another point of consideration if financing quantum matters - GLA180 is CAT A and A200 is CAT B.
  13. Splinter

    Opel Insignia 2017

    You snapped a good buy bro! I hesitated too much between SUV and Insignia Grand Sport, missed out the chance.