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  1. Redeel

    Multi-SIM service

    Serious? Really got per month charge for micro SIM? I thought the monthly subscription is only for the multi SIM? And the normal SIM can be cut just like that? I popped by Singtel to ask about it today, they confirm multi-SIM can be used on ipad. I suppose using it this way will ensure i get faster 3G download speeds on my ipad and save me the costs of paying high subscriptions for a broadband on mobile SIM with similar speeds of 7.2mbps eddie
  2. Redeel

    Multi-SIM service

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone knows how the multi-SIM service works... Can i get a multi-SIM for my mobile SIM card and use it on my ipad? Cos I believe the mobile 3G download speed is up to 7.2Mbps right? If it works this way, i wouldn't need to specifically get a Broadband on Mobile SIM card right? Please advise. Thanks! eddie
  3. Hi all, just curious to know what I can do with my old Singtel modem, now that Singtel has installed a new one for me without taking the old one back... eddie
  4. Redeel

    Ip man 2 starts today 29th Apr 2010

    Chose to watch Ip man over Iron man this afternoon... The show ROCKS!!! eddie
  5. Redeel

    Esso Discount Coupon

    Last time cannot, now can. The cashier informed me when i was about to pay, and i used my citibank dividend! =)
  6. Redeel


    Wow... Looks like the driver was lucky the bird didn't hit hit after smashing through the windscreen... or we won't see these pictures... eddie
  7. Redeel

    My pretty maid

    Tell you a good solution... Go strip yourself naked, yank yourself off with one hand, and hold the $300 in the other hand. SHIOK + FREE! eddie
  8. Redeel

    COE Open Bidding- 21/05/2007

    How did it go? Anyway, friends in the industry are telling me things like 'COE will not come back down in the near future, due to improving economy, too little vehicles deregistered this year, COE quota gonna be cut this September...' So, dun blame me if prices keep going up. Then again, i believe patience is key. It can dun go down now, but who knows what happens next year, and so on. In the meantime, accumulate your wealth while you still can, and perhaps buy in cash when it drops! Whatever the case, one thing is for sure... The market is NOT strong. Remember Borneo had to run a promotion to draw in the crowds even with a new model (Vios) AND a 3 week order collection before the COE in April... eddie (90085584)
  9. Redeel

    COE Open Bidding- 21/05/2007

    Steffy, if you are given the option of taking back deposit and can afford to wait, i would take it back if i were you. Current COE is too hot (even with a weak market), and you can observe the market again when GST 7% kicks in. No car no pain, unless you're used to driving around everywhere already. eddie (90085584)
  10. Redeel

    COE Open Bidding- 21/05/2007

    Different bank, different job scope. eddie (90085584)
  11. Redeel

    Moving Off

    No problem moving off immediately after starting for cars nowadays. Just take note not to rev hard until it warms up (if you love your car enough). eddie (90085584)
  12. Redeel

    COE Open Bidding- 21/05/2007

    My take is... it will unlikely drop this round. Remember last round's backlog of uncleared bids and distributors' trend of bidding higher compared to last time. They somehow are trying to maintain COE prices at a certain level. What did u book this time? eddie (90085584)
  13. Redeel

    New Nissan Long Awaited model is......

    You scared ppl dunno the number plate ah? eddie (90085584)
  14. Redeel

    New Nissan Long Awaited model is......

    Hey, you're half correct. I WAS a Hyundai SE, but i've never said anything about Hyundai being better than Nissan. I just said the new Skyline design doesn't appeal like its predecessor. By the way, the avatar is purposely retained cos I drive a Getz. eddie (90085584)
  15. Redeel

    New Nissan Long Awaited model is......

    New model? *yawn* Doesn't appeal at all... Too similar looking to some other models of the Nissan family... eddie (90085584)