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  1. Ixiz

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Encounter this error only once ever since driving for almost 1.5 months. (furthermore is just right after my 1K servicing,). I didn't upgrade my handphone android auto apk as it seems to be the latest . (Ver 3.0.570553). I reconnect the phone and is back to normal. Anyway. I changed to a better quality phone charging cable. No problem since . (finger cross)
  2. Ixiz

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Here's my review for the Elantra S after 3 weeks of driving. Buying process was smooth with my SE. No fuss no hassle. (Maybe i more of a chin chye person) . But it was definitely a smooth transaction. From booking -> COE bidding -> Payment -> Collection of Car. <Eta 2 weeks> Engine and gear transmission so far so good. Smooth and buttery <Maybe still new> Power wise is satifactory. I am not a racer but travelling on NSHW , there's no floating feeling, wind sound or light steering like some claim. Feature wise like keyless entry and start. Auto highlight etc is just an upgrade compare to my previous car. <Honda Airwave> Fuel consumption for me a bit strange. Before run in is around 13 - 14 km per Litre. But after my 1000 km servicing. Now its hovering around 12 Km/L . But i am still monitoring. Could be i heavy footed after run in . Audio system nothing to shout about. Given the Android/Apple Play. But somehow or rather. I still prefer old school CD/DVD slot to play audio/video. Still figuring for crack on how to play Video on the screen. <Yeah - I know its a safety feature and not suppose to play video when driving> The car came with 2 USB port. Initially i thought can use one for Android Auto and the other to plug like Thumbdrive to play music. Unfortunately. The one at the arm rest can only be used for charging. <I bypass this problem by plugging a Multiple USB hub with individual switch to the front USB port. Now i can concurrently use Android Auto and multiple thumbdrive at the same time> My Complaint on the car so far. The factory fitted rims. <Only 15 inch> Seems rather small for this car and also i don't know why Komoco like to clamped those metal wheel balancer piece on the outside of the rim. Look fugly. Most probably will be upgrading them after the next tyre change. The given HP front and rear cam. No motion sensor. and no blinking LED or whatsoever to tell you that it is recording or not. The signal light is on the left side. <Need to get use to it especially after switching over from Japan car> I always flip the wiper instead. zzz> Sometimes want to play the manual gears switching also troublesome. Cos both signal and gear is on the left. Boot area decent size but no compartment. Features like the blind spot detection and sunroof removed. Sianz. Oh well.can't complain much for the price paid.
  3. Ixiz

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    On the 12th Feb.. Final cheque payment was on the 9th Feb.
  4. Ixiz

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Booked on the 25th Jan . Got the COE on 7th Feb . Car received on V Day. Just in time for CNY for me.
  5. Ixiz

    Connection-disconnection Singtel

    Hmm..Thanks for the information.. I think i better continue using my Mobile Broadband stick better. Not worth the hassle for me to shift cupboard etc. Maybe will try to change the phone point for the modem from room to hall to see if will improve.
  6. Ixiz

    Connection-disconnection Singtel

    Kindly check if there is any charges occurred for the relay of cable and does it involve drilling or moving of furniture etc ?
  7. Ixiz

    Connection-disconnection Singtel

    For my case, it's not just wireless issue . Even when connected directly to the router via cable also same fault. The "internet" LED on the modem just went off leaving only 3 led at the mio box instead of 4.
  8. Ixiz

    Connection-disconnection Singtel

    Also on the 3rd contract. Same issue . 1st contract 10 mbps - free Lenovo R60 <Black Mio box> Was perfectly fine on first contract. 2nd contract - Re-contract with lower price plan to 6 MB with free netbook Problem starts to happen . Intermittent disconnecting , slower speed <which i expect since of the downgrade> Symptoms - Disconnection would happen at random. Sometimes once a week. Sometimes twice a day. No specified timing . The internet LED on the MIO modem would just goes off and normally be rectified by powering off/on the modem. - Had replaced all the ADSL filter plug at all the points. Doesn't help. - Tried wireless or cabled - Doesn't help. - Tried 3 different notebook with different OS. - Doesn't Help Endure for 21 months or so. Re-contract the 3rd time. This time i upgrade back to 10 Mb again. Hoping things would get better. Unfortunately no improvement. Anyway, 3rd re-contract i was given a motorola non wireless modem. I tried swopping the modem. Stable for 3 - 4 days . Then disconnect again. This time round i called Singtel Support. They sent engineer down. Initially checked no problem but the disconnection happen RIGHT infront of him when the support was at my place. He replaced a white MIO wireless modem for me. <FOC> . Was okay for 3 - 4 days. Problem came back. Anyway , I just bear with it as i had alternatives to the web. The funny thing is that my 2MB Singtel Mobile Broadband is even MORE faster and stable than my 10 MB Home Broadband.
  9. ICA RBD ? Never try before though .. http://www.ica.gov.sg/services_centre_over...6&secid=143
  10. Ixiz

    Smearing again...when will they stop?

    Ahhh ....Now then i know how the term came about ...Pap smear test ... No wonder ..
  11. Ixiz

    Feedback on Honda Airwave...

    Driving Airwave coming to 2.5 yrs.. So far so good..No major problem. Except the slight vibrations when driving off occasionally. Worse FC for me is 10.6 km/l but that is when Vtec kicks in most of the time . . On average 12 km/l . Best i had encounter is around 16 km/l during break-in period. Mine came with the moonroof edition. Bear in mind 3 things .. 1st .Thing - Slightly higher insurance. 2ndly - Nice to look at when the car is clean BUT once kenna bird s--t or if you don't bother to maintain. The 'view' inside is not exactly that good. <Can be resolved by just closing the auto slide inside> 3rd thing to consider also . Metal roof dent - Glass chipped/cracked. Which one more costly or easier to repair. Guess everyone knew the answer. Interior is as what other mention. Spacious enough just like a normal sedan. 5 is okay . 6 is kinda tight although still squeezable. But boot space is HUGE if you fold down the backseat. I can put in a full size Mountain bike without taking out the wheels. A 33 Inch CRT TV <Not LCD or plasma but those old HUGE gigantic type easily.> Tried my friend Estima and Stream. It can't even fit in due to tight corners. My best shopping experience . 3 full-grown adults plus Two 42 Inch LCD TV from expo. Another thing as well . The car is kinda 'hollow' if you know what i mean. Dent easily but i overcome this problem with a layer of soundproofing at the door. Last point - Airwave is NOT very MSCP-friendly as it is a hatch and it does not came with it own boot cover.
  12. caught red handed ... should i report police or civil sue ...
  13. Ixiz

    Suzuki Kizashi is here!

    Haiz ...As usual ...Suzuki like to comes up "touch wood" name .. First is Su Su Ki .. <lose lose away> Now is Ki Za Shi .. <go die early> Interestingly .. In Japanese, Kizashi means "omen", "sign", or "warning" possibly to suggest to other automobile manufacturers that the Kizashi is an example of products to come from Suzuki in the future. <From wiki>
  14. Ixiz

    Time to waterproof your car

    From NEA Website HEAVY RAIN WARNING Issued On: 17 August 2010 - 16:55 LT Heavy showers with thunder & gusty winds are expected over northern, western & central areas of Singapore between 5:05pm and 6:30pm. PUB says flash floods may occur in low-lying areas in the event of heavy rain. The public is advised to exercise caution and look out for flash floods*.
  15. I M.R just last month ...now tried to login shows me this already "Your account is currently inactive. Please approach your unit Chief Clerk or call 1800-eNSNSNS (3676767) for further assistance. " Maybe those with Credits still available is because the Chief Clerk is and never update the records. I knew my friend who M.R don't know how many donkey years ago still had credits topped up . But he just spent on 2 singlet to test water first .