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    Toyota BM Harrier Clarion Head Unit

    Rumor is false. I was at BM and stepped into someone's car who had the HU with carplay/android auto. Its basically a Pioneer factory unit similar to the previous but just louder. Sound quality is average, just like the previous version. If you wanted to upgrade to the new HU, it will set you back by $1199, on condition that you trade in your original unit. With that kind of $$$, get an aftermarket high end HU and enjoy better sound, including CarPlay/android auto and more.
  2. Andromeda

    Noob Qns on Pioneer AVH Headunits

    True to the spirit of DIY, I have self-installed an Alpine HU & Amps on my car. Also did soundproofing as well. Willing to share and help anyone who needs advice and free install assistance. Caveat Emptor. As to Pioneer HUs, the latest series is the AVH-Z. Comes in 6.8in, 7in and 8in sizes. Single DIN starts with 7 while double din starts with 9. So for eg, AVH-7250 will be a single DIN version while AVH-9250 will be a double din. Pioneer Singapore can be contacted if you need more info. Just go look at their website for the contact number.
  3. Andromeda

    Need soundproofing advices

    What is the average amount people spend on soundproofing the 4 doors? Or maybe undercarriage, wheel arches and roof? Just curious cos I would think spending anything above $500 to get this done is too expensive.