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James Bond fans:Beware of the BAIC 007!

By Rigval on 25 Jan 2011

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I was quietly browsing the internet and I came across Beijing Automotive’s (BAIC) latest SUV called the Beijing 007 SUV. I somehow found it extremely amusing that BAIC had decided to name this car after the code number of the world’s most famous fictional spy, Mr Bond, James Bond. This SUV does not portray anything classy, suave or even any action packed similarity with James Bond whatsoever. I mean if you asked James Bond, Jason Bourne or even Mr Bean to drive the BAIC 007 they’d all stare at you with that “You must be joking” look.

I suppose we can only see incredibly audacious feats of blatant copying and also delusions of grandeur from those manufacturers from China. I have not met any other manufacturing nation who loves copying other people’s designs to the tee or simple stamping whatever brand that they do not own on any of their own products. Of course, you can blame the lack of enforcement and what not.

But sometimes, what they need to do is some market research as some names and numbers may add up to something rude, offensive or in this case, something so unlike the numbers that almost half the world associates with a certain suave and super cool character. If you readers do not agree with me do point out one area where this 80,000rmb BAIC 007 looks cool. At its best it looks like a chopped Ssyangyong SUV, which must have been the model they copied from in the first place.

Whatever the case is the Double-Oh Seven SUV was officially launched on the 16th of January in China and deliveries should start sometime after the Chinese New Year. The base model comes with a 2.0liter 4 cylinder engine and a 5speed manual gearbox. There is also a 2.4liter model with DVD (oooohh) and GPS (aaaaahh). If you compared it to a stock standard Aston Martin DBS and not the one prepared by MI6 with the specs mentioned above you still won’t be impressed. If I was like that Clarkson chap over in the UK and with the BBC’s budget behind me I’d buy one so that I can get rid of it permanently.

Now who’d like to wager that the Chinese Secret Service buys a few units for the heck of it?

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