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Driving's biggest distractions

By CheeJun on 25 Jan 2011

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Imagine a doctor watching television while doing surgery or a student studying at Starbucks paying more attention to his coffee and the girls surrounding him rather than his textbooks. Distractions can cost lives (or grades), but when it comes to driving, its a whole lot more serious.

There are many people out there on the roads texting while driving, talking on the phone, playing with their Ipods and most of them get away with it. None of them crashed into a side wall and died, neither did they get caught by the Police. There are laws banning drivers from using the mobile phone while driving and there is certainly sufficient evidence to prove that people do die from such usage, but isn't it the advancement of technology that's making us create more laws just to 'protect' the general public? Years ago before the mobile phone was invented, I wonder if there were people at the wheel trying to write notes or letters! What about laws to prevent that.. To me its all self inflicted. If you're not careful, you'll die, or get knicked. Apparently, the level of attention paid to driving while texting is almost the same as when the driver is drunk. I don't see how scientists got that result but its cold hard fact now. I'm not saying that texting on the move is good, I just think we aren't skilled enough as a whole human race to prevent the law from being implemented. Imagine a world where everyone can multi-task as well as females.. No accidents will happen because of such 'multi-tasking'. So bottom-line is: be responsible and leave that phone alone!

Another big distraction is kids. Kids at the back of the car spilling food, crying, throwing their parent's Iphone around while playing Vege-Samurai or Angry Birds. I guess mothers have the natural instinct to try and pacify their child while the fathers just try to concentrate at one thing at a time because that's about all they can do. Men suck at doing more than one thing at a time unless you're a fighter pilot. Well, unless you're as strict as a Disciplinary Master, you probably will just have to bear with your kids at the back but other than that, driving is first priority because without concentrating on the road, the kids will be in danger. So let them bawl away all they want, you being the safe driver is what counts!

Distractions are everywhere! Share some here and maybe some solutions as well to help our fellow motorists to keep the roads safer for everyone..

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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Good-Carbuyer Jan 26 2011 05:19 AM
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