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Brake less and save fuel

By CheeJun on 05 Mar 2011

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Fuel prices are always on the increase as our Earth's resources are being depleted and its really not the car you drive, but how you drive it. And using the brakes less saves you more money, and fuel.

I've tried this and not only does it save money and petrol, it makes your driving much smoother as well. Instead of revving the engine at the lights just to get up to speed and then braking again in about 10m for another red light just wastes a ton of fuel. And by braking, its as good as dumping your fuel into the drain because you're just wasting the fuel that you used to get up to speed. So using the brakes less and controlling that heavy right hoof of yours will save you fuel.

Of course you won't be going as fast but then again, why do you have to? On the expressway, maintaining a constant speed and watching out for cars braking far ahead will keep you from braking unnecessarily because you can lift off the throttle and cruise without wasting any petrol. On roads with loads of traffic lights, maybe just accelerating gradually instead of flooring the pedal could help retain some cash in your wallet.

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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SYF77 Feb 18 2011 01:12 PM
Yes, I agree. I let my car roll to the traffic light if it is red...helps to extend the lifespan of the brake pad too.
CheeJun Feb 18 2011 01:20 PM
yea! and it really makes driving a lot smoother rather than starting and stopping with a lot of jerking around..
Spinworkx Mar 05 2011 01:48 PM
But it's just not as fun being conservative :)
Nitro Mar 05 2011 06:33 PM
Basic common sense isn't it....Same theory as travelling on small roads with many traffic lights vs highways.
Parkingidiot Mar 06 2011 12:06 AM
We brake for nobody....
Sabretan Mar 06 2011 09:56 PM
LOL...prb is some jokers behind me cannot tahan my ECO driving mode (mind u, I was on the leftmost lane aka lane 3 on expressway)....

but it is absolutely true. If I consistenly do that, my fuel consumption is like 12-13km/l for a 1.8 l MPV. if not it drops to like 10-11km/l.
Oregon Mar 07 2011 12:10 PM
I have been practising this for a few years now. In rat race Singapore, some drivers are too impatient to see you leave a "gap" with the car in front. It offends their sense of urgency eventhough we all end up at the traffic light the same time. So you can see them accelerate to overtake you and jam their brakes in front - completely the opposite of what we are trying to achieve - ironic isn't it?
Gaybhari Mar 12 2011 09:50 PM
And slow down traffic? Want to drive and worry so much about petrol cost, dun drive lar..
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