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Sleepy KPE Speeds

By CheeJun on 09 May 2011

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If you're a frequent user of the KPE you shouldn't be new to this idea that the speed limit down the entire stretch of expressway is just too slow. I know there's a whole long list of why its only 70km/h but I personally think it doesn't make sense.

For such a long stretch in a tunnel, I can see why the LTA wants to keep the speed limit down to 70 and not 80 or 90. Enclosed space, quite a few corners which will lead the people to say 70 is the 'ideal' speed limit because it will be dangerous to crash into the tunnel walls. I get that but I think of speed in a differently from the way the LTA sees it. At 70km/h I've seen countless times that cars tend to veer off their lanes into another and reason being drivers are on their handphones texting away or doing other things in the car like fiddling with their interiors. Why? Because they are bored out of their minds! At 70 its like driving in slow motion especially on what is supposed to be an 'expressway'. And don't you think that getting distracted while driving is more dangerous than driving fast and paying more attention to the road? Let's change scenarios for a bit and maybe you guys can see my point. Compare a soldier on guard duty to a soldier in Afghanistan fighting a war with bullets flying past his helmet. Who do you think is more alert? The soldier on guard duty is doing his usual rounds while the other is saving his own butt. I honestly believe that when you're traveling faster, you tend to be more awake rather than dosing off at the wheel when you're traveling so slowly on a open road.

So what do you think!

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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Ilmw May 10 2011 12:15 AM
yea, fast enough to not take your eyes off the road, but slow enough to be safe.
Darthrevan May 10 2011 12:31 AM
i got no problem with the speed..most important is to concentrate on driving..drink more kopi if u feel sleepy wink.gif
John112 May 10 2011 01:41 AM
worse is traffic jam inside kpe,
Watwheels May 10 2011 08:22 PM
If you have so much to comprain about it why do you still take the tunnel?
Ryosuke May 10 2011 09:39 PM
if you have seen this clip, you will agree why 70 is needed for tunnel.
fatal tunnel crash
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