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Stomp on your Throttle Campaign

By Blogger on 13 Jun 2011

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Remember our courtesy campaign from donkey years ago? No? How about the Love Your Ride jingle? Well, on this island we call home, the government and government linked bodies are pretty fond of campaigns and "educating" the masses about various mundane parts of our daily routine. And that got me all inspired to come up with my very first motoring related campaign to "educate" Singaporean drivers. Forget the lame courtesy and give way campaigns by the Traffic Police; mine is one that will actually benefit all of us. I call it the the Stomp on your Throttle Campaign.

Ever been stuck behind a long queue of cars at the lights even though it is not peak hour and because the guy in front insists on hyper miling his way to a new fuel consumption record, you actually failed to cross the lights before the red light came on? Ever been stuck on the upslope portion of the expressway with a guy in front who is gently caressing his throttle and the speed of his vehicle drops from a considerate 90km/h to 75km/h?

Or are you that guy in front?

If you are that guy in front, here is news for you. You may not be in rush. You may have no desire to travel faster than buses do. You may not like the concept of wasting money with rising fuel prices. You may just be cheap and anti-social.

But the rest of the motoring population doesn't deserve to be subject to your inconsiderate behavior. Here's a news flash. Most Singaporeans spend lots of money on our cars because we want to reach our destinations faster and in greater comfort than if we took public transport. We do not buy a car to beat fuel consumption records because the most fuel saving way to drive is to not drive and take a bus (which incidentally depreciates $0 per year).

So, if you are that guy in front, the next time you are at the lights, think about the poor motorists all around you and give your throttle a good hearty stomp. Singapore thanks you for doing your national duty in keeping our roads smooth running.

Alternatively, just leave your car at home.

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Jamesc Jun 13 2011 03:52 PM
"Or are you that guy in front?"

No one will ever admit to being a hogger or think of themselves as one.

You have to ask, is there a long line of cars behind you and no car in front! biggrin.gif

The_Bear Jun 13 2011 04:06 PM
Jeez, you used 371 words just to scold that fella Che3b43
Darthrevan Jun 13 2011 05:11 PM
if other cars block u, just overtake or slug it out..or it that a too difficult task for u? sleep.gif
Flipflop Jun 14 2011 12:56 AM
this is the stupidest blog post i've seen in my life. get a life u moron
Eugn86 Jun 14 2011 09:53 AM
Our roads are so congested already yet there are people who choose to drive so slowly that they just clog up the roads. Such situations are mostly seen on smaller roads... another group of road users which I would like to point out... what's it with huge trucks coming to a stop in all the lanes at the traffic lights?... and when moving off, faster vehicles have to take in such nonsense from these huge vehicles? I have noticed such selfish and ignorant behaviour of some of our fellow road users. U have my support for this thought.
Sky61 Jun 14 2011 10:48 AM
the worst is not just one hogger on the right most lane, but at the middle lane too,with a slow motorcycle at the left most side... i support ur initative and ranting..
Darthrevan Jun 16 2011 01:24 AM
@Eugn86: thats exactly why we must drive slower, so as to avoid a build-up..imagine seeing in front empty, then rev all the way only to meet bumper-to-bumper with the vehicles in front, creating more jams..i understand if u dun get it, most drivers dun get it too.
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