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Find F1 boring? What you need is BTCC

By ElDiablo on 29 Jun 2011

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When you think motorsports, most Singaporeans, depending on their age group and how cool they are, will almost everytime mention Formula 1. Then you get go-karting.

Unlike most of Europe and even Asia, the local motorsports scene is still in it's infancy, but has been growing with the acceptance and popularity of the annual drift events, go-karting championships and the impromptu races on the expressway with a young punk Civic driver.

All aside though, we're pretty much well behind most of the world in that area. Even on the quality of motorsports on tv.

Sure sure Formula One is the epitome of motorsports blah blah but seriously guys, the races have become more boring since I started following it religiously about 4 years ago.

I now find myself dozing off during races and I'm not talking about the recent Canadian GP.

This year's Le Man's was stacking up to be another nail-biter and I was casually short-listing my options on how I could watch the race live. Couldn't find a streamer online that was reliable enough and Starhub's cable lost rights to F1, so generally assumed it lost the license to televising most other races of importance as well - until I stumbled upon channel Euro Sports.

I taped the post-race telecast and watched it one sunny afternoon. It was great! I thought I was one of the few people who were lucky enough to venture into the unknown world of channels ranging from 100 to 300.

And then I caught BTCC.

Iíve heard of the British faction of the World Touring Car Championship before but never really bothered to catch a race since it was never big here with anyone else. So if you brought it up with your friends, youíd look like a fool.

So I caught an episode. And by golly Iím hooked. Fast action, great overtaking maneuvers, aggressive drivers and a mix of everyday cars with similar shells setup with either a rear or front-wheel drive. This, my friends, is racing at its finest.

Formula 1 doesnít even come close. Needless to say Iíve stopped my download of the Canadian GP and have started on the season opener of the WTCC and BTCC.

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Written by ElDiablo
Having recently departed the automotive industry, Jegan provides an alternative view on local happenings and random international news and what it really means to us in the long run, while working hard to fulfill the life-long dream of owning a Lamborghini Diablo VT.

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Syaheerbmw Jul 01 2011 06:57 AM
Yeah, i've ditched F1 for Touring Car Championships since 2 F1 seasons ago due to F1's incompetency in entertaining me with its nonsensical rulings and politics.. TCCs are the way to go! You might even see the race version of your own car!
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