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A brand new Volkswagen Type 2 bus

By FaezClutchless on 16 Nov 2011

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The Volkswagen Type 2 bus is one nostalgic vehicle. The sight of it evokes old memories of riding in one, from Singapore to Malacca, many years ago. It was a slow ride through the scenic Malaysian countryside (the north-south highway did not exist yet during that time). I recently found out that the Type 2 bus is still being manufactured new in Brazil and the Netherlands’ Volkswagen dealerships are bringing them in to the country as a 2012 model.

I will begin with a little history of the Type 2 bus for those who are unfamiliar with it.

The first generation Type 2 bus (code T1) was available from the 1950s until the 1970s. The most prominent feature of this model was the split front windscreens. It came in many variants and some of them were, just to name a few; panel delivery van (no side windows and rear seats), Samba bus (with skylight windows and cloth sunroof), flat-bed pick-up truck (single and double cab) and Westfalia conversion (with pop-up roof).

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Samba variant (above)

The (code T1) Type 2 bus used the same Beetle engine of that time. Generating around 24bhp (snail-like slow) and later it gets a revised higher compression engine running at around 40bhp.

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T2 Westfalia variant (above)

The second generation Type 2 bus (code T2) came out in late 1967 and this model lasted till today. The split windscreens are omitted out for normal one piece windscreens. It is commonly known as the bay window Type 2 bus. It gets a variety of engines generating from 50bhp to 70bhp.

Let’s get back to the new Type 2 story.

The Type 2 bus that is still being manufactured new in Brazil is based on the second generation (code T2) model. Buses (or passenger vans) are a common sight in South American countries and even Mexico was producing the bay-windowed Type 2 bus but they discontinued it several years ago, most probably during the same time when they stopped making the original Beetle.

Realising the popularity of the Type 2 bus in Europe and also the fact that they are manufactured new, Volkswagen Dutch operations decided to bring in these new models from Brazil as they see it as a great opportunity. The Buses are built new in Brazil and then shipped to England where interior parts are fitted. When all of that is ready, they are shipped to the Netherlands for final assembly.

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Looks wise, the Buses’ are still pretty much the same. They get the same door handles, windscreen wipers, signal lights, etc. as when it first came out in the 60s. The only major difference is a front-mounted radiator. For those who are wondering why is there a radiator at the front, it is because the new Type 2 buses has a new water-cooled straight four engine that delivers around 80bhp. The radiator is enclosed in a tyre storage compartment at the front.

The 2012 Type 2 bus is only offered as a camper version and the interior can be fitted with various options (full air-conditioning, flat screen TV, DVD player, etc.) that a customer wants. The dashboard gets a new makeover with modern updated features. The new bus is available in 20 retro-styled colour schemes. Other external options include wheels, tyres and suspension set-up.

Currently, the 2012 Volkswagen Type 2 bus is available in the Netherlands and can be registered in any EU country. Sadly, what I heard is that they only come in left-hand drive.

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