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Motoring is not only about the driving but some other stuff as well

By Rigval on 01 Feb 2010

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Whatever you do, do not bother about the rear seats. The rear seats are for your toddler or pet hobbit, not you

I’ve noticed that there are fans (a word derived from the word ‘fanatic’) of whatever car they put on the pedestal. These cars to them are chariots of fire, manna from heaven or Cindy Crawford without the mole. These people will somehow expect rosy or perfect remarks about the car they fancy, whether previously owned, current or future ones. But I have to state that this isn’t the case in the real world. Some like Manchester United, some like Liverpool, some like Chelsea and some think that Kenny Daglish and Bryan Robson are still playing in the English Premier League. But the reality is that I get to write about what I feel or think of a certain ride and sometimes these views may not be on the actual driving of the car (and I have driven many) but on the purpose or purely for the shape and design of that certain car. And as I haven’t been invited for lunch or dinner by any car manufacturer representative recently (or ever) I believe that what I say is basically 'unbiased' (unless you happen to own an MPV or drive something like the previous generation Honda City - which looks like a tadpole on stilts) and done without any utter contempt of a certain brand. This will continue till, say for example, Proton buys me a 1970s Ferrari Daytona, gives it to me and only then I may write good things about any new Proton launched for the rest of my life.

The same goes to the stories that I have written or am going to write about my motoring experience. Some of them may not be about driving any actual cars, but strange, weird or fantastic stories that have happened to me throughout the years. Since I am almost as old as Yoda, I have many automotive stories to share and some of these stories do not involve any sort of driving but are priceless nonetheless. Like the time I was at the Audi TT launch at the Audi Hangar in Glenmarie, Selangor and this really silly bloke who was at least 5feet 10inches in height decided to try fit his lanky frame into the really small rear seat of a TT and then looking all concerned that there was a serious lack of space back there. Even by looking at it you can tell that it would never fit a grown man comfortably. The rear seat of a TT is only meant for toddlers, or hobbits. You want a coupe and you’re thinking of rear seating space? A coupe is meant to be a selfish car for you and maybe a friend to go for drives with. It is not meant to be a people carrier. This bloke should go shop for a bus if he’s so concerned about rear legroom or space. I have to say that Audi wasted one invite on that person. And to end speculation, yes I have driven a TT for a long test drive and I may write about it at a later date.

But anyway, I was at another showroom event and this guy walked into the showroom straight for the finger food counter doing a quick survey without looking at any of the cars, telling the sales representative “Wah, only finger sandwiches? I was at Lexus and they were serving mini Lamb Chops.” You will know that sometimes luxury car dealerships have their showrooms stocked with food for special occasions but this was the first time I have heard of a customer showroom-hopping for food. By then I started to wonder whether this chap did the showroom tour every Saturday or Sunday for free cocktails and food. He had his family in tow by the way.

Going to a motor show is can be an experience also. There you’ll get to see many people like the Audi TT rear seat tester multiplied by the factor of 100. You’ll also witness firsthand the knuckle knock test on dashboards, bonnets and anywhere else. You’ll also get to sit inside cars which you’d never want to drive to its showroom to try them. Like some made in China cars. I tried opening and closing a glove box on one of these cars to check on its tactility and the glove box handle broke off in my hand causing me to slowly look around to see if there were any witnesses and make a hasty but nondescript exit. Yes. I broke it, but the car was totally crap. All the plastics were horrid and it was badly put together. I may have saved a few souls from making a booking by having that little accident.

While it is true that the driving experience is exhilarating and memorable; motoring can be fun even if you are only looking through a window of a bus or just witnessing some event.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Prostcode Feb 01 2010 04:11 PM
Rear seat tester.. LOL.
Watwheels Feb 01 2010 09:34 PM
Chey. If you look at those 2fast2furious but no skill drivers, they are the unofficial crash test dummies...
Perrier Feb 02 2010 10:15 AM
An entertaining piece of article.

Refreshing actually.
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