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FT-86 will be named as the Toyota 86

By FaezClutchless on 30 Nov 2011

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Right now we don’t have to wait for next month’s Tokyo Motor Show to see the production ready Toyota FT-86 because Toyota has finally shown to the world the car today (27/11/2011), after months of teasing the world with concepts.

The car will be officially known as the 86 or GT 86, depending on which market it is being sold. The 86 is Toyota’s first sports car produced in the last 10 years. The last sports cars from Toyota were the T23 Celica and the MR-S.

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The 86 was shown off to a crowd of 20,000 at the Fuji Speedway race track in Japan. The car was driven out of the pit building and onto the track by Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda. Akio Toyoda is responsible for shedding Toyota’s conservative image ever since he took the company’s president post. Several examples of the 86 were shown at the event.

Toyoda’s name was proudly announced when he stepped out of the car. Many international journalists and photographers were there to capture the exciting moment. During the event, Toyoda was heard mentioning that every automobile lover is waiting for this car. And he also thanked everyone for their patience as they will get to enjoy the compact sports car very soon.

For the past 10 years, Akio Toyoda has been involved with the 86’s development and he also said that it really felt like his new baby has already arrived.

The 86’s name hails from the AE86 Corolla from the 1980s and it was especially popular among those who are into drifting. But this time the car is joint developed by Toyota and Subaru. The most obvious influence by Subaru is the 2.0 litre boxer engine used in the car. Since many people know that the boxer engine is not that fuel efficient, Toyota has mated some of its technology into it to increase efficiency and also performance.

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The car will be available in either a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. The car has a 53% weight distribution at the front and the remaining 47% at the rear. And it has an 18.7 inch centre of gravity.

The unveiling of the 86 will be Toyota’s first sports car since the demise of the Celica, MR-s and Supra in the last decade. And many people I know are a little disappointed that these old model names are not resurrected. But one thing I am sure of that this will not be Toyota’s last or only sports car currently because Toyota recently has successfully applied for a trademark to use the Supra model name again. We have to wait and see what they will come up with in the near future.

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