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Toyota to work on a more powerful 86

By FaezClutchless on 04 Dec 2011

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It’s been only a week or so since Toyota showed the world their new sports model, the Toyota 86 and they are reportedly well underway of developing a more powerful version of the 86. The Toyota 86 on its own is a rather impressive sports car. Delivering 200bhp, 205Nm of torque and about 1200kg heavy; it is a good recipe for a brisk and agile sports car.

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Since it is rear wheel driven, it will attract those who are into drifting especially professional drifters and their teams. But the pursuit of more power in a vehicle is a never ending one and Toyota is not stopping at this level with the 86.

It is still months away before the 86 hit the showrooms and the Japanese automaker has already envisioned a forced-induced model. There are reports that Toyota’s in-house tuning department, TRD, has prepared and currently evaluating some test units for a forced-induced 86 model.

Reportedly, Toyota favours a supercharged version rather than a single turbo application. This is mainly due to the throttle response impact which a single turbo system might have. Toyota has significant experience in supercharging their vehicles and TRD has offered various supercharger kits for their models since the late 1990s.

According to Toyota’s chief engineer, Tetsuo Tada, “Turbocharging, all wheel drive and wider tyres have made sports cars very boring to drive.” “And that is what Subaru is known for and has experience in.” In other words it seems that Toyota will not follow Subaru’s route.

When more power is added to their car, Toyota will also need to improve the handling of the 86 with a suspension upgrade and/or stiffer chassis handling parts. Although Toyota is tight-lipped on how much more power the supercharger is going to produce but they did mention that the chassis can take around 50 more horsepower without any modifications.

It is not known whether Toyota will release a supercharged version as a sub-model or whether they will release a supercharger kit as an aftermarket option. Another thing is that if Toyota is going to release a forced-induced version of the 86, which means it is likely that Subaru will come up with their more powerful version too and expectedly, Subaru’s version will come with a turbocharger which they have vast experience in.

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Written by FaezClutchless
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