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New Mercedes SL-Class comes with new innovative technologies

By FaezClutchless on 22 Dec 2011

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Just days after brochure images of the new Mercedes SL were leaked onto the internet; Mercedes Benz has finally unveiled their latest SL-Class model officially. Just like its predecessors, the new SL continues to offer S-Class luxuries and innovations in a sleek, open-top package.

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With a body made out of 89% aluminium, the new car weighs 136kg less than its predecessor. This will give the car a better dynamic driving feel and better fuel consumption. It comes with an all new V8 engine and several new features which I will talk about later in the article.

The exterior styling has definitely changed a lot compared to the previous model. The front end is copied directly from the SLS front nose which has influenced other Mercedesí newer models. The roof can be had with either a standard glass or Mercedesí Magic Sky Control. This particular technology creates a range of opacity on the roof surface, all of that with just a touch of a button. It doesnít alter the form of the roof and it can be applied onto any window. Mercedes states that the roof takes less than 20 seconds to stow away.

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The new 4.6 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine in the SL550 develops around 430bhp and 700Nm of torque. The 0-100km/h is said to come in around 4.5 seconds and Mercedes claims that the carís fuel efficiency is improved by 10% due to a modified seven-speed transmission and plus with start-stop technology. Of course, Mercedes Benz will offer the car in other various engine displacements as well.

With a powerful engine, Mercedes Benz did not forget to offer a good and reliable suspension set-up. The SL550 boasts a sporty, comfortable and lightweight suspension. The steering knuckles and suspension arms on the front axle are also made from aluminium to reduce unsprung weight. The same applies to virtually all the suspension components on the rear axle which will reduce the same effect on all four corners.

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The new SL-Class is available with two different suspension systems and the Agility Control Suspension as standard equipment. The Active Body Control suspension system is available as an option.

Both suspension variants are combined with a new electromechanical Direct-Steer system that features speed-sensitive power steering and a ratio that can be varied in accordance with steering wheel angle. This provides excellent directional stability and safety when travelling at highway speeds, and adds to the SL's agility. It also reduces the amount of steering effort required when parking and manoeuvring.

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Another innovative technology used on the new SL is the Hands Free Access system. It provides an easy hands-free operation when accessing the rear boot lid. A simple swipe of the foot at the lower area of the rear bumper will open the rear boot and the same action is needed to close it.

Two new technologies will be included into the new SL-Class as standard equipment. Firstly is the Magic Vision Control. It is a highly efficient windshield washing system. The innovative windshield wiper dispenses water just in front of the wiper blade through channels built into the blade, in both directions of travel. This results in no water splash onto the windshield to disrupt driver visibility and a perfectly clean windshield.

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The water also stays on the windshield with no risk of overspraying into the passenger cabin when the roof is down. A fully heated wiper blade is included as standard equipment, preventing the build-up of snow and ice on the blade in winter. The heating function allows warm water to be applied directly onto the windshield for the first time, even in cold temperatures.

The other technology is known as the FrontBass system. The technology makes use of the empty spaces at the front footwells of the aluminium body. These spaces function as resonating chambers for the woofers. As a result, the new SL features clear, rich bass sounds that deliver a concert hall ambience even with the top down. This feature frees up space at the door and interior where audio components are usually fixed.

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To coincide with the release of the new SL-Class, Mercedes-Benz will also be offering a special-edition model, the "Edition 1", for a limited period. The "Edition 1" is superbly equipped and comes standard with AMG 19-inch alloy wheels, Harman Kardon Logic7 surround sound system and much more.

Photo credit: Left Lane News

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