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The next Audi RS4 will only come in Avant form - Are you sure, Audi?

By Rigval on 20 Jan 2012

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It seems that Audi has recently decided that the next generation Audi RS4 will only come in the five door station wagon or Avant form only. The reason given was that Audi RS Avant models (like the B7 RS4 Avant above) have outsold the RS saloon versions throughout the years and that there is now an option for those who want saloon like sport Audis in the form of the S5 Sportback.

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One other excuse, I mean reason, was that the market is moving away from performance saloons. This third reason I somehow fail to grasp as there is always a market for practical 4 door super saloons. I do not see Mercedes or BMW having this sort of thinking as they still have massively powered 4 door saloons. In fact, BMW seems to have done pretty well with the latest BMW M5 and critics are raving about it (above).

Anyway, I somehow believe that this is a marketing ploy or just some silly excuse to save production costs by just using one single platform instead of two. It wasn't too long ago that Audi launched the current C6 Audi RS6 in Avant form only and then a followed a few months later by a saloon form. Earlier Audi launched the B7 Audi RS4 in saloon form followed by the Avant form later. Of course the previous RS4 before the B7 RS4 was a B5 in Avant form only. I say this because the B7 RS4 was launched at the tail end of the B7 A4's production and keeping things to the last minute was meant as a boost in sales figures. The same goes to the RS3 – it was recently launched and since the new Audi A3 was recently previewed, it will soon be out of production before you know it. I don't think Audi are sure of what they actually want and they may actually do a U turn are produce the darn thing in saloon form at a later date (or model).

Anyway aside from Audi 'deciding' that the RS4 will only be an Avant, I actually believe that this upcoming Audi RS4 Avant, which will be based on the current B8 platform and will be launched at this year's Geneva Motor Show, will bring a smile to my face. Aside from the purported use of the Audi RS5's 444bhp 4.2liter V8 via a DSG or manual quattro drivetrain, it will come with something totally cool in my books - New ‘wave-style’ discs are added to the braking system.

These wave style brakes are like modern high performance motorcycle brakes (like the one in the photo below). They will feature small indents in the outer edges of the discs that together are claimed to reduce the weight at each corner by around 1.5 kg, reducing unsprung mass. These new brake discs will bring about more design and style to any brake system that would peek out from behind the alloy wheels of any car. This is going to be the first fast Audi that I am looking forward to slowing down instead of just going fast.

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