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And you think a company like VW is recall free? Guess again.

By Rigval on 19 Feb 2010

Attached Image - 2009 VW Gol
And now for something that may forever change the perception that German cars are bulletproof. Well, the engineering behind the cars are sound, but assembly of the cars by people in Brazil and Mexico have shown that recalls do not only affect Japanese brands, but Volkswagen as well.

Just a day after announcing that they have to recall 200,000 Volkswagens in Brazil, Volkswagen have had to recall another 20,000 units in Mexico. The models involved are the unique to South and Central America VW Gol and its derivatives. It involves the possibility that the rear wheel bearings could be insufficiently lubricated, causing then to make noise If the situation is not addressed, it could cause the wheel bearings to lock and can cause noise. Continuous use could lead to a blockage of the wheels and in severe cases may result in a wheel coming off.

Volkswagen Brazil had said on its website that 193,620 Novo Gol and Voyage cars were at risk of not having sufficient lubrication on its rear wheels. I would imagine that the wheel bearing supplier had failed to supply properly lubricated wheel bearings. In some ways it is a supplier that seems to be at the center of the fault. This is much like the Toyota faulty accelerator issue, where an outside contractor had supplied faulty parts causing a massive recall.

It shows that no company is safe from faulty manufacturing or faulty parts. Now even a German company that supposedly is the leader in quality. It could also show that car manufacturers are braver and more accountable these days or are just taking advantage of the situation arising from Toyota’s recalls as people may just remember the 1st company doing recalls. We would never really know how the corporate entity actually works out solutions to their problems.

Volkswagen usually has the same operating procedure globally and the same criteria for the sourcing of parts. It could be said that most basic Volkswagens do not actually come from Germany, but from plants globally. I do know that some Mk5 Golf GTIs even come from the plant in South Africa. In fact, a basic Mk6 Golf may come from the Volkswagen plant in China nowadays. And if it does, what makes you think that the quality of parts from Brazil is lower and isn’t the same as parts from the countries mentioned above?

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Joseph22 Feb 19 2010 11:20 AM
the different here is Toyota recalled after accident and multiple death had happen and recalled had been demanded.
while VW recall when they identify the problem.
plus this is more of a batch issue rather than a technical or mechanical issue.
Singhao Feb 20 2010 03:04 AM
Mk6 Golfs are made in Germany. China made VWs are for domestic market. Have you done your research before trying to suggest anything?
Rigval Feb 20 2010 06:27 PM
More that u think Singhao..that is why I used the word 'may' in the article.
Da_editor Feb 22 2010 09:07 AM
The Amercians are just trying to whack the Japanese to reduce the Jap automotive sales. They have already realised that the automotive industry forms a large part of their economy. By whacking other brands, more people will turn back to Ford and GM.
Lammy84 Feb 22 2010 03:05 PM
If you had done your research then you will not put may. "May" suggests that you heard a rumour and hadn't bothered checking it out and decided to voice it out anyway. It is only a yes or a no if u had done as much research as you proclaimed to do.

You seem to have a baised opinion agaisnt VG and will hunt for any bits and pieces to throw agaisnt them. Every car company has done recalls, any complex instruments like cars or even microwaves and fans has the chance to go bonkers no matter the QC. Why just bring VG up?

Im not a fan of VG in particular, Im a fan of cars and I like cars from any makers as long as it appeals to me. I think other than by design, the Scirrocco is overrated in terms of driving pleasure, cabin comfort. Infact my next car is hopefully gonna be an AR 159.
Ragingbull Mar 02 2010 04:27 PM
Lammy, absolutely agree with you that the Scirocco has been too hyped up.

Undeniably good looking though, it's just a pity that VW had to tweak the car south alil to not have it compete and cannibalize the sales of their mk6 GTI. Suspension isn't as sure as in the Golf GTI and the steering feels just a tad off as well.

But if I had to pick, I'd take the Scirocco. In reality my purchase will be based 60% on how the car looks and makes me feel when driving it and 40% on the mechanics...

Rigval - Are there GTI's imported from China into the local market? The GTI's in Singapore are imported from Germany to my knowledge...did you see news articles or something saying otherwise?
Rigval Mar 03 2010 10:31 AM
Actually, the 'ROC was hyped up because of this simple fact: when was the last time you saw a really sporty looking VW? Not since the Corrado. That's why everyone was overexcited. Look at the Golf, it really looks like a mini MPV/SUV instead of a hatchback. It looks too tall for its own good and its cousing the A3 or even the A4(which is supposed to be a bigger model) is at least 6inches shorter. If we can fit in an A3 without the need for a stupendously high roofline, then VW should design a lower golf. Mk6 is 1 inch lower than the mk5, make it 3 inches lower and it'll be hatchback looking.

Its 5bhp less than the golfgti (the "roc") but sells for more. Certain colours work for it, and I only appreciated the total design after sitting in it. It looks good and is the only VW i'd buy based on looks alone. On material quality, the MK6 golf has better doortrims, but thats about it. Same everywhere else. On Seating position, the Golfs is a little too tall for my liking. Like any current tall ceiling hatchback - Perodua Myvi/ Toyota Passo, Nissan Latio, March etc. Not how shall I put it "GTI' enough. - The Roc is pretty much perfect in terms of seating/driving position.

And if you were to buy the Roc over the GTI, it'll have better grip and handling -Look, its lower, wider. Eventually when you start tweaking it with Bilsteins, springs etc., the Roc will become the better car.

BTW. The MK6 Golfs in Singapore and Malaysia are indeed from Germany. The only reason I made that statement is the fact that there are always possibilities that VW may decide on economics of scale (like in the MK5 GTI from South Africa) and start producing it in other countries. If they decided to think GLOBAL they'd surely choose to export to SG from the source closest to it. Luckily they don't. As from experience I have actually noticed panel gaps in the MK5 GTI that most probably you wouldn't find in a VW.
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