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A UK company has released a new, fun yet expensive simulator

By PetrolHead on 14 May 2012

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The above mentioned company is offering a commercially available racing simulator, known as the TL1. It is their first design, and CEO Jonathon Bell claims the company paid special attention to the details while developing the product.

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The TL1 houses the world’s first 180-degree spherical projector screen with a variable position seat. The seating system can be rotated from upright positions like those in Touring and GT cars, to reclined positions like in F1 cars and other single seaters. The TL1 simulation software utilizes laser-scanned racing circuits which are accurate to within 2mm down to every bump in the road.

The TL1 is manufactured in cooperation with Ariel Motor Company, the TL1 is intended to appeal to a broad range of users regardless of racing expertise with extremely deep pockets and infinite bank balances. Prices range from £11,500 S$23,230) to £33,950 (S$68,586)and looks like an extremely large version of the Alienware Curved Monitor concept from around 2008. Like large.

The simulators run up to three ultra high definition projectors with a single, seamless 7 million pixels (5760x1200) image on a wrap-around screen. Measuring over 2 metres wide and providing 180 degree vision, total realism is guaranteed. A Full-HD television has a resolution of 1920x1080p, and IMAX theatres can project up to 4k resolution picture source, if I am not wrong.

I cannot image what it would be like to play Ace Combat, Forza or even epic games like Halo or God Of War using this system, but I cant. Though racing controllers are included, and other controls can be used, too, I suppose it only works with the graphics heavy integrated PC that runs either Windows 7 or XP. Whoa wait, XP?

I guess then this would be useful for using Microsoft Office or YouTube or wait.. Diablo 3. Anyway, the unit is portable as it can be dismantled to fit through a door. So your next trips to Mauritius, Bali or some beach resort, consider bringing your gaming entertainment with you with the TL1.

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Written by PetrolHead
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