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The time has come for supercars to go green

By Ragingbull on 02 Mar 2010

Poll: What do you think of hybrid supercars? (11 member(s) have cast votes)

What do you think of hybrid supercars?

  1. Great step forward for the industry (5 votes [46%])

    Percentage of vote: 46%

  2. Maybe it doesn't take the fun factor out of driving it but driving a hybrid supercar can never be compared to driving a brute like a current car from makers like Lamborghini, Ferrari or even Pagani (6 votes [55%])

    Percentage of vote: 55%

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And it's finally here, undeniably one of the more famous supercar brands on the market has finally unveiled their green supercar based on the Ferrari 599.

With a electrical motor sitting at the back, power output and torque figures show a significant jump although the extra system does add about 100kg to the cars weight. Engineers are quick to point out though that although the car is heavier, the extra power now offsets the weight gain...making for an altogether faster 599 than what is presently offered in the petrol variant.

Personally I'm not buying any of this. The 599, like every other Ferrari on the market and in the works, are being sold on the pretext that it's a thoroughbred prancing horse - a.k.a handles very well through corners and at high rated speeds.

With the added systems and even with the added power, everyone knows unless the extra components have been added and distributed at strategic locations, the overall handling and balance of the car will be upset - just as it did last season in Formula 1 where drivers together with their teams experimented with the placements of their regenerative braking systems. Each being different for the individual driver as it depended heavily on the drivers driving style and body weight.

What do you guys think about a hybrid supercar anyways?

Created the poll out of curiosity...for me the supercar has always been the holy grail of any enthusiasts driving experience and owning one that is a hybrid does take away the experience alil, albeit being more environmentally responsible.

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Lucaswh Mar 02 2010 10:02 PM
no way..

supercars embody the ultimate experience of driving, simple man and machine with good ol' pistons and petrol. Supercars should have technology, yet raw, and nothing can replace the essence of a supercar engine.
Joseph22 Mar 02 2010 10:33 PM
I think AMG have a concept electric vehicle that is as powerful as any supercar. Hence i think that will show the sign of technology advancement.
Watwheels Mar 03 2010 08:24 AM
Whether it's a supercar or not, hybrid is not an alternative to fossil fuel. If one can spend so much $$ on a supercar, the fuel bill would hardly make an impact. No matter how green it will still leave a carbon footprint.
Rigval Mar 03 2010 11:22 AM
The only thing really green in that Ferrari is the colour. See all those pieces of dead cow hanging at the wall behind the ferrari? I wonder how environmentally friendly would it be to buy specially ordered coloured leather from a tannery located a few hundred miles from the car factory? Batteries ordered from a battery manufacturer located, say in Germany. Electric motor from, say, Asia. And a buyer in the United States? Who has 20 other cars in his garage? As another reader has mentioned, the carbon footprint of a hybrid ferrari is still huge whatever way it goes.

Anyway, if I were a true motorhead, there's no way I'd go green. Unless its ethanol powered. This makes more power than normal pump gas. I shall let others go green on the roads and I shall enjoy the fruits of motoring, petrol and all. And then maybe I shall plant a few more trees in my thousand acre durian orchard.
Sw20 Mar 03 2010 02:10 PM
People talk about Ferrari is never about how fast it goes......
Is the sound it makes... Just like Harley Davidson.
Ragingbull Mar 06 2010 07:36 PM
Maybe in Singapore it's like that between mates but these Ferrari's are fast and always had that strong history in the speed area that has propelled it to fame.
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