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EA announces Real Racing 3 for mobile devices and its FREE!

By PetrolHead on 04 Mar 2013

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Electronic Arts (EA) is an American game developer and publisher – famous for numerous signature titles like, Battlefield, Medal of Honour, DragonAge, Crysis, The Sims and anything under the umbrella of 'Need for Speed'.

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Now they have a new racing game from the Real Racing franchise – Real Racing 3 (RR 3). Critically acclaimed for its stunning visuals and graphics quality.

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Besides the noteworthy 'console-quality' graphics, RR 3 displays dynamic reflections, persistent car damage and fully functioning rear view mirrors in real time to enhance the realism of the race day experience.

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A key feature will be the Time Shifted Multiplayer which allows you to race anyone, anytime, even if they’re offline. Real Racing 3 is available for mobile devices such as the, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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RR 3, is developed by EA Firemonkeys studio, and features 46 licensed vehicles covering three classes, eight varied event types and over 900 events featuring real world tracks - for what EA claims as the most exhilarating handheld racing experience.

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The best news is RR 3 is available for free. Yup you read that right. F R E E! But do note, while the game and most of its features are free, you still have to pay for the cars and upgrades.

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As explained by CNET Asia - when upgrading or servicing your car, you'll either wait for a certain period of time, or use gold coins (separate from R$) to speed up the process. Gold coins are earned when you achieve a higher skill level or unlock new racing tiers. Alternatively they can also be bought from an in-game store.

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Apparently it would cost at least US$500 to buy all 46 cars in the game, or 472 hours to earn enough R$. So here's the catch for the freemium game.

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Written by PetrolHead
A passionate motoring enthusiast since little, Akram's articles gives alternative insights on the latest motoring news.

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