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The Renault Zoe troubles a certain lady named Zoe Renault

By Rigval on 29 May 2010

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One of Renault's concept cars may need a name change. It seems that the Renault Zoe will make life difficult for a Parisian lady named Zoe Renault. She has complained to a French daily that people will make fun of her if the car manufacturer does use the Zoe moniker on their city car concept.

The Renault called Zoe Z.E Concept is Renault's latest Zero Emission concept car. It is a compact 2 door electric car that will showcase Renault's latest electric vehicle ideas. It is either that or they just want to make life a living hell for women with the Renault surname as according to Zoe Renault she cannot bear to hear “Zoe's broken down” or “We need to get Zoe overhauled”.

In fact, I could add a few here, like “ someone needs to get her parts lubed” or “That looks like a nice gearknob in that Renault Zoe”. Actually the list goes on and on and Zoe Renault is a very pro-active person in that she has also instructed lawyers to get Renault to scrap its intention to brand this new electric vehicle the Renault Zoe.

The 23 year old's lawyer has also said that he is also representing other people named Zoe so that they do not suffer the misfortune if and when Renault decides to use 'Zoe' as a name for one of their cars. I suppose money and the publicity surrounding this matter is a good thing too.

However, Renault has stressed that the name Zoe is merely attached to a concept car at the moment, and says there are no firm plans to take the actual moniker when they decide to put it into production. But what I know is that Zoe the person has certainly made sure that she is already the butt of a few 'Zoe and a car related jokes' throughout the world right at this moment by going to a newspaper about this matter. Of course, this is only temporary as if Renault does use the Zoe name, the jokes about her will last a long time.

It goes to show that car manufacturers need to be very careful when they name a car. I remember reading news a while back when Mitsubishi had to rename their Pajero in Spanish speaking countries to Montero as Pajero in Spanish is a slang for the term “wanker”. Which is a bad thing to say out loud in any language.
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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Silver_blade May 30 2010 04:53 PM
The nex generation of Clio will get the design cue from this concept.
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