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VÄTH tuning for the Mercedes Benz C250 CGI

By Rigval on 21 Aug 2010

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Mercedes Benz are no longer very logical when it comes to numbering their cars nowadays. For instance, the current W204 C-Class starts off with a C200 CGI and then a C250 CGI which then cumulates in the range topping C63. If it were the good ol’ days, a C200 would be logically a 2.0liter, and a C250 a 2.5liter and so forth. But now, a C200 and C250 actually share the same engine, a turbocharged 1.8liter with different power rating. The thing about this that with a differently tuned ECU and suspension settings is what differentiates a C200 from a more powerful C250. So if you bought a C250 without reading the specification list and only found out that your new C250 CGI is a small 1.8 liter with about 201bhp, you could go get it tuned by VÄTH, a German based tuner.

VÄTH have come up with their performance package for the C250 CGI which includes the engine tuning as well as the very important styling upgrades that most would want for their rides. Now VÄTH will make any 201bhp 250 CGI engine into something slightly more powerful. Hence, if you had an E250 CGI, these engine tuning package could be made to work on it too. It also shows that the turbocharged 1.8liter Mercedes engine is pretty flexible to extra tuning.

The 201bhp engine after some VÄTH magic now makes 252bhp and 370Nm of torque. This is basically work done towards the ECU where most of the air-fuel mapping is optimized for performance costing €1,200. VÄTH have also stated that if you add a charge air cooler for €1,118.60 and a sports exhaust system for another €2,011.10 they could make the engine cough out another 14bhp. These additions would be better bragging rights at the pub. Torque still remains the same with the two upgrade parts.

In the exterior styling and handling department, a carbon fiber bonnet for €4,641 (which should improve turn-in due to less weight up front), a carbon fiber front spoiler lip for €1,416.10, a carbon fiber rear diffuser for €1,773.10, a trunk-mounted spoiler for €333.20, and 19-inch wheels at €4,046 of which a high performance braking system can be specified for €5,355. The big brake kit comes with 360mm front / 320mm rear discs and six piston front / four piston rear calipers. A worthwhile upgrade since the car has more horses to play with.

Not the full blown AMG C63 with its stonking V8, but it looks as aggressive as one with the bodykit. You may also imagine on the amount of road tax you save on this even though it still makes over 260bhp and 370Nm. It should be decently fast on a car that weighs around 1,500kgs. A pretty good compromise I might add.

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