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Anderson 'Blacks' a CL65 AMG before AMG does

By Rigval on 04 Sep 2010

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Sometimes, tuners take a cue from an official manufacturer special like Anderson over here. They’ve come up with a CL65 ‘Black’ Edition even before Mercedes-AMG decides to build one.

What Anderson have now done is take one humongous Mercedes Benz AMG CL65 and added more performance to it, a bodykit with trimmings, huge wheels and the usual custom built interior and then call it an Anderson CL65 Black Edition.

The 6.0liter twin turbocharged V12 gets an Anderson tuned ECU, sports air filters, a sports exhaust system with sports/racing catalytic converters and some differently sized (and lighter) pulleys that pumps up the horses from around 612bhp to 670bhp. Torque remains pretty much the same at 1,100Nm or so as any more in a rear wheel driven car would mean changing tires every time the throttle pedal is prodded aggressively.

The exterior styling of the car gets a carbon exterior package in jet black that goes well with the matte black, albeit slightly glossy looking, paint. The items in the package include the external side mirrors, window frame trimming, front grill, door handles, the vent frames on the bonnet and engine room coverings. There is also a rear lip spoiler to go with all of that. Note that this CL ‘Black’ only has carbon trimmings, unlike a real AMG Black edition which will have a lot more actual carbon replacement parts rather than for styling itself.

The wheels or rims are 22 inches measuring 9inches wide up front and 10.5inches at the rear. These run 275/25-22 and 295/25-22 tires respectively. The rims are black gloss in color which matches the black brake calipers of the car.

And lastly, the interior gets spruced up with a pine scented air freshener.

No, of course that’s not it. Just wrote that to see if you guys were paying attention. The 2 toned leather trimming features a quilted pattern with double cord stitching and is complemented by the suede alcantara material for the lower parts of the seat. Bits of carbon have been tacked over most parts of the car’s flat surfaces and there is an upgraded hi-fi system for those who want better sound too.

So Anderson has basically created a CL65 that is slightly up rated. In my opinion not at extreme as what a true AMG ‘Black’ should be. Maybe they chose to combine the best of the CL series with some edgy styling and power. A CL65 is actually the most expensive Mercedes that you can buy and what Anderson have done is combine the elegance of its Grand Tourer ways with some dynamics of an out and out sports coupe. Don’t know if they truly succeeded or not.

But what I do know is that Anderson offers a special pick-up service, no matter where the car in question is located. The final product is naturally delivered to the same place again afterwards. This means that those of us here in South East Asia can buy an AMG SL65, call Anderson all the way in Germany and get it to Anderson specs. Price aside that is.

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Friendstar Sep 04 2010 11:36 AM
Xspace Sep 04 2010 05:50 PM
It's still dope even if it's stock...
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