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Formula 1 has a new world champion - Sebastian Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi

By Rigval on 16 Nov 2010

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Formula 1 has a new world champion in the shape and form of Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull driver, who seemed to have started the 2010 Formula 1 season on a high, then faltered mid-season and then making a strong comeback even with a fabulous mid-season charge by Double World Champion, Fernando Alonso. Whatever the case, Formula 1 has a new World Champion and it was decided at the last race of the 2010 calendar, in Abu Dhabi last Sunday.

I'd also have to add that it must be terribly disappointing for Alonso, who entered this race as championship leader. Finishing 7th basically scuppered all hope of winning the title. It is so frustrating watching the Alonso's race as he was basically behind Renault's Petrov, who somehow managed to hold up a two time world champion for almost two-thirds of the whole race – from lap 20 until the end of the race. Maybe Vettel deserves the win as his driving (or the Ferrari race car) seems to be under par and Ferrari's disappointing pit-stop strategy for him. It's either the above problems or lady luck has deserted them.

Attached Image: Michael_Schumacher_and_Tonio_Liuzzi_in_Abu_Dh_2527262.jpg
Attached Image: Michael_Schumacher_and_Tonio_Liuzzi_in_Abu_Dh_2527264.jpg

Of course, lady luck deserted Michael Schumacher on lap 1 also. He was unbalanced by a lightest 'kiss' on the rear of his car by his team mate Nico Rosberg which made Schumacher's Mercedes spin and the car ended up getting hit extremely hard by Liuzzi's Force India. Then again, the accident was pretty bad – carbon pieces everywhere and Liuzzi's car parking itself on top of Schumacher's Mercedes. This caused the safety car to come out and cars started to pit right after that for their mandatory tire change, even if it is right at the start. And while the accident was really bad, both drivers managed to clamber out of their cars with nary a scratch. So luck was with these drivers in a way.

I suppose Lady Luck must have been with Vettel. He managed to drive away from Alonso and also Mark Webber, his teammate and 3rd in the championship. It would seem that Abu Dhabi was a relaxed drive for Vettel but one that made him world champion. So Alonso -who needed Vettel to come in 2nd and he at the very least 5th to win the championship, Webber, Hamilton (who came in second) are disappointed and we have a new world champion. Last year's champion, Jenson Button comes in third in this stunning 2010 Formula 1 season (although it was a truly boring season opener at 'Bore-rain').

We'll expect some interesting action in 2011 as a new champion defends his title, and at least four past champions wanting to win some more.

01. Vettel Red Bull-Renault 
02. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes + 10.1s
03. Button McLaren-Mercedes + 11.0s
04. Rosberg Mercedes + 30.7s
05. Kubica Renault + 39.0s
06. Petrov Renault + 43.5s
07. Alonso Ferrari + 43.7s
08. Webber Red Bull-Renault + 44.2s
09. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 50.2s
10. Massa Ferrari + 50.8s
11. Heidfeld Sauber-Ferrari + 51.5s
12. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth + 57.6s
13. Sutil Force India-Mercedes + 58.3s
14. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari + 59.5s
15. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1m03.1s
16. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth + 1m04.7s
17. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth + 1 lap
18. Di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth + 2 laps
19. Senna HRT-Cosworth + 2 laps
20. Klien HRT-Cosworth + 2 laps
21. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth + 4 laps
Did Not Finish
Glock Virgin-Cosworth 44
Schumacher Mercedes 1
Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes 1

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Written by Rigval
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