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COE & Modifying Cars

By Blogger on 22 Dec 2010

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The inspiration for modifying my Swift

In my previous post, I was counting down to the delivery of my new car. And I had mentioned making mental modification plans for it. All along, in my car crazed brain, it was accepted as the norm that I would modify any car I buy. It was only a matter of degree.

But with the recent spike in COE prices since I collected my car, another dimension to the decision to modify my car has been thrown up. Yes, you heard me right. Beyond affecting your car price and trade in values, the recent spike in COE has a seldom discussed impact - on whether you should modify your car.

On one hand, with higher COE prices, it is often taken that short of a drastic improvement in financial circumstances, most car owners would hesitate to trade their vehicles in for newer ones as they are deterred by the high prices. If the car serves well, most would just hang onto it. From another perspective, I would say that it is in the financial interest of existing car owners to look after their cars so that they can last longer. But, as we all know, there are quite a few modifications that can have quite the reverse effect. Any power gain, if sufficient to be felt, is likely to be met with an increase of wear and tear on vehicle parts. We can't have the proverbial cake and eat it too. So with increased wear and tear, keeping the car for an extended period may become a costly financial proposition. But with high COE, we can't just trade it in because purchasing a replacement is just also a costly proposition.

But from another perspective, if we hang onto our rides longer, it actually makes the modifications more value for money. Let's face it. Modifications often depreciate even faster than the cars we install them onto. So if we are forced to drive our rides longer, the cost of the modifications are spread out over a longer period of driving. Making it more worthwhile. Furthermore, with high car prices, it may no longer be so easy to change up to a better spec-ed car. So car modifications could prove to be a cheaper way of renewing the fun factor on your existing car or giving it a new lease of life. And lets not forget that most people who modify cars derive enjoyment from the process.

With equally persuasive logic on both sides, it is now proving to be a tough mental struggle. For now, I think I will stick to scratching my modification itch by sticking to some simple and basic stuff. Until next time.

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Minikong Dec 22 2010 01:37 PM
seriously, just mod the car if u cant live without it, as u will not like the car as it is stock hahaha
Rigval Dec 22 2010 02:05 PM
modding is about your heart......not your head......you are only 25,35,40 years old once...when you can afford your ferrari you may be too old to drive it really fast...so you mod your current affordable ride for the added fun factor and not resale value.
Pocus Dec 23 2010 10:46 AM
Also depends on what you mod.....If you mod hastily and blindly strapped in that turbocharger and overboost it to 1.2bar on a NA engine , prepare to see your car in the scrapyard earlier, or prepare to spend even more to revert it back to the original feel. And the worst is you are stuck to this ride and have to live with it due to the crazy COE price.

Some mods, especially performance mods, are not meant to last, esp on daily commute basis (eg. coils).. And in the low COE days most won't feel it as they switch cars every 3 to 5 years, not long enough for these mods to fails.

Another mods to think twice are superficial mods, esp those that cannot be easily revert back to stock without spending money. Think twice before you add that side fender air vent, or you'll stick to that for a long time, until COE drops comfortably enough for you to ditch your ride for another.
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