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'Weight race' a better race than a 'horsepower race'

By Faiming_low on 02 Jul 2018

Attached Image With four-door sedans and SUVs having 600bhp or more getting more and more common, supercars are now 'required' to have more than 700bhp or else they would look slow...

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt feels that the power war is not slowing down and there is a need to stop this from going on.

Speaking at the recent SMMT industry summit in the U.K., Flewitt called for a future 'weight race' to replace the traditional power race in order to have more efficient future cars.

While it is cool to have a high horsepower car like the Bugatti Chiron producing nearly 1,500bhp, stricter emissions legislation will eventually force manufacturers to come to a dead end, forcing them to focus on other areas in order to extract more performance from them.

According to Flewitt, he reckons that the industry should work with the government in order to develop the synergies between future powertrain development and also make more use of lighter materials that will save weight, thereby reducing the need for more power.

The CEO said this as McLaren is opening a new Composites Technology Center in U.K. later this year. The company will be trying to find new ways to make lighter and stronger carbon fiber tubs for its models and foresees the new technology to follow down to mainstream brands.

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Written by Faiming_low
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