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Watch as cyclist gets instant regret after jumping on a moving car!

Watch as cyclist gets instant regret after jumping on a moving car!



Do you enjoy seeing entitled cyclists regret their actions? If so, watch the latest footage of that cyclist who hopped on a car’s bonnet, fresh off the press!

What happened?
On 2nd June 2023 at East Coast Road, cyclist Nicolette Tan Shi-En, 31 had a fight with driver Elaine Michele Ow, 49. The situation went viral as a short clip was circulating from an outside POV (point of view) showing the cyclist hopping onto the car’s bonnet.

But here’s the real POV up close and personal! More personal than I would like to be honest but oh well, the lengths we go to entertain you guys.

The video starts with the cyclist saying something about how the car was not supposed to overtake her. I can’t quite hear her words clearly so if one of you can comment what she’s saying that would be great. 

I would also like to say that you just know she’s a Karen just from her voice and body language. Of course, that's a generalisation but I am right for this occasion.


The cyclist then goes off behind the camera and hits the car, audible through a loud bump picked up by the camera. Also mildly audible is her complaining, as well as her continuing to hit the car. This is also evidenced by the driver shouting “Don’t do that! Don’t ****ing touch my car!” Kudos to her for keeping somewhat cool up to that point.

Ms Tan (the cyclist/Karen) also decided to call the police, before coming back into view to block the driver, even after the light turns green.The honking of other cars behind can be heard as her mouth gapes, looking as if deeply offended that the drivers behind were not alright with being held up. 


At this point, Ms Ow (the driver) has had enough and decided to drive off. Nicolette decides it is a good idea to keep blocking a moving car, and asks  “What are you doing?”

This picture sums up my thoughts:


Ms Tan also decides it is a good idea to hop on the bonnet while the car is moving.
She clearly had not thought this through as when the car kept moving, she exclaimed “NOOOO!” and “WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?”.
While repeatedly slamming the windshield, no less. Because continuing to damage the person’s car, that you voluntarily jumped on, is a good way to convince them to stop moving. 

Elaine pulls into the lobby of a mall, where Nicolette can finally get off. However, she continues to hold on to a broken windshield wiper that she broke while holding on to the car. 


The self-endangerment is astounding.

The video ends with people off camera telling Elaine not to drive “like that”, as if she can do something about the person still holding on to the car.

According to the Facebook post, Elaine the driver was charged with “rashly endangering the personal safety of others for driving forward while someone lay on the bonnet of her vehicle.”

Nicolette the cyclist was charged with “rashly endangering the personal safety of others by laying on the bonnet of a vehicle while in the middle of the road and obstructing the driver’s view.” She also faces another charge of obstructing others in a public way by blocking a vehicle from moving forward.

Both women were offered bail at $10,000, and both women stated they intend to seek lawyers. 

If convicted of rashly endangering the personal safety of others, they each face a jail term of up to six months, a fine of up to S$2,500, or both.

Meanwhile, the penalty for the charge of obstructing others in a public way is a fine of up to S$1,000.

Online chatter

Netizens were frustrated at cyclists taking up road space also exhibiting such behaviour, as this is not the first time such a situation has occurred. Plenty of complaints were given to this cyclist and cyclists in general.


Others praised the driver for standing up for herself and being somewhat composed throughout the situation. 


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Recommended Comments


2 women believed to be involved in East Coast Road altercation charged in court

SINGAPORE – Two women, believed to be a cyclist and the driver of a car caught on video in an altercation in East Coast Road last Friday, are now accused of committing rash acts.

On Tuesday, the two – Nicolette Tan Shi-en, 31, and Elaine Michele Ow, 49 – were each charged with one count of committing a rash act to endanger the personal safety of others.

Tan, believed to be the cyclist, is also accused of causing obstruction to others.

A search of Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority records revealed that Ow is a director of Prodigy Productions, while Tan used to be a secretary at several companies, including Gabriel Law Corporation.

Tan allegedly used her body to block the car said to be driven by Ow from moving forward.

She is also accused of lying on the bonnet of the moving car, obstructing the driver’s view.

Ow is said to have endangered the safety of others by driving the car forward while Tan was allegedly on its bonnet.

The women are accused of committing the offences between 3pm and 3.30pm last Friday.

Their cases have been adjourned to July 4.

A 39-second video on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore shows a female cyclist obstructing a grey car in the three-lane road.

Other drivers can be heard sounding their car horns as the cyclist, wearing a yellow top and blue helmet, speaks on the phone while blocking the car, before she hops onto its bonnet as the vehicle tries to go past her.

The car is seen moving towards i12 Katong mall, with the cyclist clinging on to the vehicle as her shouts are heard in the distance.

According to Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, the owner of a massage shop heard the duo arguing for more than five minutes.

Another shop owner told Zaobao that the car, after moving off, stopped at the entrance of the mall. The cyclist initially refused to get off the vehicle and continued screaming, but eventually did so after some persuasion.

The shop owner added that she and other passers-by helped the woman to retrieve her bicycle.

For committing a rash act to endanger the safety of others, an offender can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $2,500.

For causing obstruction to others, an offender can be fined up to $1,000.


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AMDK MAMIL would probably punch the bonnet or break the side mirror. Than to become Tom Cruise and hang onto windscreen wiper. 

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