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Police officers spring into action as head-on collision takes place in front of them

Police officers spring into action as head-on collision takes place in front of them



Lorry driver confirm thought that all his bad karma was saved up for that day.

What happened?

On 8th June 2023, 1913 hours, a head-on collision took place at the discretionary right turn junction of Woodlands Avenue 7 and 10. 


Now you might be thinking “Ok, so what? This kind of accident got a lot one what” but the police happened to be there with the most front row seat possible for this show.

It seems they were shocked too, as it took a few seconds before the lights blared and they exited their vehicles.

The video shows that they started assessing the condition of the drivers, with one of the officers talking on the phone and to the occupants in the car.


It doesn't look like the occupants of either vehicle are too injured, as no one was pulled out of their vehicles or required immediate first aid.

Traffic resumes a short while after the incident, and the world continues going round.


Online chatter

The timing is the first thing people made a joke out of, some people also joked about how the police would have reacted if their shift was coming to an end and they saw this play out. 

Some people thought that the police were too slow to react and did not have a sense of urgency.


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Some people go fishing.

Some people the fish fly out of the water straight into their net.


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